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內容簡介 Epic in scope, unparalleled in execution, Mars is an unforgettable portrait of space, politics, science, and humanity that captures for all time the mystery and wonder of an alien frontierIt is a world shrouded in mystery—a planet pocked by meteors, baked by ultraviolet light, and covered by endless deserts the color of dried blood. To this harsh and unforgiving planet travel the twenty-give astronauts of the international Mars mission. Now, as the landers touch down and the base dome is inflated and the robotic explorers are sent aloft, they must somehow come together in a struggle of discovery and survival.Battling deadly meteor showers, subzero temperatures, and a mysterious “Mars virus,” these intrepid explorers are on their way to the most incredible and shocking discovery of all.Praise for Mars“A sweeping Michener-style saga of the first expedition to our neighboring planet . . . the ultimate summer escape.”—People“In Mars, Ben Bova re-creates for us much of that first excitement we felt in reading about the possibilities of space flight or, later, witnessing the earliest manned exploration.”—Los Angeles Times Book Review“The definitive novel about our fascinating neighbor.”—Arthur C. Clarke“An intelligent, entertaining story that may also serve as a rallying cry.”—Omni“Mars is an exemplary summer read . . . [with] adventurous, brilliant, over-the-edge characters [and] a convincing imaginative core in Bova's carefully imagined, striking, and spooky portrait of the planet.”—Voice Literary Supplement

Mars:,Epicinscope,unparalleledinexecution,Mars isanunforgettableportraitofspace,politics,science,andhumanitythatcapturesforalltimethemysteryandwonderofanalien

書名 / Mars
簡介 / Mars:,Epicinscope,unparalleledinexecution,Mars isanunforgettableportraitofspace,politics,science,andhumanitythatcapturesforalltimethemysteryandwonderofanalien
作者 / Ben Bova
出版社 / Bantam
誠品26碼 / 2681466353008
ISBN13 / 9780553562415
ISBN10 / 055356241X
EAN / 9780553562415
尺寸 / 17.5X10.2CM
級別 /
語言 / 英文
裝訂 / 口袋裝
頁數 / 560