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Tim Walker: Wonderful Things

作者 Tim Walker
出版社 V&A Publishing
商品描述 Tim Walker: Wonderful Things:‘EachshootisatotallovelettertoanobjectfromtheV&A,sometimesseveralobjects.Myrelationshiptoobjectsislikefallinginlovewithsomeone.It


內容簡介 英國 V&A 官方權威發行的展覽圖錄深入挖掘時尚界傳奇攝影大師Tim Walker的創意靈感精選超現實《Wonderful Thing》攝影展生涯最重要作品 「每一件攝影作品,都像是我獻給V&A博物館的情書,我和每一件拍攝對象的關係,就像一場戀愛,它關係到我們如何與人互動,如何與某人建立友誼。作品中呈現的影像不僅是美麗的,而是與我有很深的情感連結。」─Tim Walker Time Walker的攝影作品以結合童話與奇幻風格聞名,擅長利用華麗誇張的道具,營造充滿視覺張力的超現實氛圍。他在倫敦V&A博物館展出的最大型個展《Wonderful Thing》精選他職涯25年來最重要的作品,這本攝影全集將帶領讀者一同走入全世界最有創意的攝影師的創新思維之旅,超過100組令人難忘的作品,其中有10個新攝影項目來自V&A博物館中的收藏品而啟發及創作。Walker與各專業人士靈感碰撞,包括舞台設計、造型師、彩妝髮型師和模特兒等,共同將他的奇想轉換為真實作品。 為他的作品帶來靈感與貢獻的人物包括前衛造型師Zoe Bedeaux、V&A博物館陶瓷和玻璃助理策展人Terry Bloxham、英國超模Edie Campbell、飾演冰與火之歌布蕾妮的Gwendoline Christie、知名髮型造型師Malcolm Edwards、紅髮超模Karen Elson、英國Vogue雜誌主編Edward Enninful、卡爾 拉格斐的謬思Amanda Harlech、場景魔法師Shona Heath、空靈女星蒂妲·絲雲頓等人。 內容獨家收錄Tim Walker先前從未揭露的幕後影像和初步草圖創意,從中深入感受Walker非凡與獨特的精彩創作歷程。‘Each shoot is a total love letter to an object from the V&A, sometimes several objects. My relationship to objects is like falling in love with someone. It relates to how we interact as people, how you become best friends with someone. It’s a search for a new friend…’ TIM WALKER Published to accompany the V&A’s mesmerizing exhibition Tim Walker: Wonderful Things, this book is a journey through the creative mind of one of the world’s most inventive photographers. It presents over 100 compelling photographs, from ten magical photoshoots inspired by objects from the V&A’s enormous and eclectic collection. Featuring conversations between the set designers, stylists, hair and make-up artists, models and muses who bring Walker’s imagination to life, it includes contributions by Jack Appleyard, Zoe Bedeaux, Terry Bloxham, Edie Campbell, Gwendoline Christie, Josephine Cowell, James Crewe, Malcolm Edwards, Karen Elson, Katy England, Edward Enninful OBE, Amanda Harlech, Shona Heath, Hungry Johannes Jaruraak, Ibrahim Kamara, Kate Phelan, James Spencer, Jerry Stafford, Tilda Swinton and Gareth Wrighton. Previously unpublished behind-the-scenes imagery and preliminary sketches combine to reveal Walker’s extraordinary creative process, from his detailed research in the labyrinth of storerooms and galleries at the V&A, to his spectacular final pictures.【走進閱讀世界|迷誠品:專文推薦】標題|我和每一件拍攝對象的關係,就像一場戀愛|傳奇攝影大師Tim Walker撰文|Millie 米粒「每一件攝影作品,都像是我獻給V&A博物館的情書,我和每一件拍攝對象的關係,就像一場戀愛,它關係到我們如何與人互動,如何與某人建立友誼。作品中呈現的影像不僅是美麗的,而是與我有很深的情感連結。」─Tim Walker☞點此進入迷誠品閱讀文章


作者介紹 ■作者簡介Tim WalkerTim Walker Tim Walker is one of the world's leading photographers. He shot his first fashion story for Vogue in 1995 and he has photographed for British, Italian and American editions, as well as W Magazine and LOVE Magazine, ever since. Susanna Brown is a photography curator and writer. Her recent V&A projects include Selling Dreams: One Hundred Years of Fashion Photography, Horst: Photographer of Style, and Queen Elizabeth II: Portraits by Cecil Beaton.


書名 / Tim Walker: Wonderful Things
作者 / Tim Walker
簡介 / Tim Walker: Wonderful Things:‘EachshootisatotallovelettertoanobjectfromtheV&A,sometimesseveralobjects.Myrelationshiptoobjectsislikefallinginlovewithsomeone.It
出版社 / V&A Publishing
ISBN13 / 9781851779710
ISBN10 / 185177971X
EAN / 9781851779710
誠品26碼 / 2681802982008
尺寸 / 26.7X21.6X0CM
語言 / 英文
裝訂 / 精裝
頁數 / 192
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