The Elephant Vanishes | 誠品線上

象の消滅短篇選集 1980-1991

作者 村上春樹
出版社 Penguin Random House LLC
商品描述 The Elephant Vanishes:Includesthestory"BarnBurning"whichisnowthebasisforthemajormotionpictureBurningInthetalesthatmakeupTheElephantVanishes,theimaginativegeniu


內容簡介 Includes the story "Barn Burning" which is now the basis for the major motion picture BurningIn the tales that make up The Elephant Vanishes, the imaginative genius that has made Haruki Murakami an international superstar is on full display.In these stories, a man sees his favorite elephant vanish into thin air; a newlywed couple suffers attacks of hunger that drive them to hold up a McDonald’s in the middle of the night; and a young woman discovers that she has become irresistible to a little green monster who burrows up through her backyard. By turns haunting and hilarious, in The Elephant Vanishes Murakami crosses the border between separate realities—and comes back bearing remarkable treasures


作者介紹 Haruki Murakami is a best-selling Japanese writer. His works of fiction and non-fiction have garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the Franz Kafka Prize, the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award and the Jerusalem Prize, among others. Murakami's fiction is humorous and surreal, focusing on themes of alienation and loneliness. He is considered an important figure in postmodern literature. The Guardian praised Murakami as ""among the world's greatest living novelists"" for his works and achievements. Murakami is the author of 1Q84, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles, Men Without Women and many more.


書名 / The Elephant Vanishes
作者 / 村上春樹
簡介 / The Elephant Vanishes:Includesthestory"BarnBurning"whichisnowthebasisforthemajormotionpictureBurningInthetalesthatmakeupTheElephantVanishes,theimaginativegeniu
出版社 / Penguin Random House LLC
ISBN13 / 9780679750536
ISBN10 / 0679750533
EAN / 9780679750536
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頁數 / 336
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語言 / 3:英文
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