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Caging Skies

作者 Christine Leunens
商品描述 Caging Skies:1940年代,維也納希特勒青年團的10歲成員喬喬,發現父母在家窩藏猶太女孩艾莎。雙親失踪後,男孩喬喬是唯一知道艾莎躲在家裡的人,他必須一肩擔負艾莎的命運


內容簡介 1940年代,維也納希特勒青年團的10歲成員喬喬,發現父母在家窩藏猶太女孩艾莎。雙親失踪後,男孩喬喬是唯一知道艾莎躲在家裡的人,他必須一肩擔負艾莎的命運。 THE INSPIRATION FOR THE MAJOR MOTION PICTURE 'JOJO RABBIT' DIRECTED BY TAIKA WAITITI STARRING SCARLETT JOHANSSON, REBEL WILSON AND SAM ROCKWELL This extraordinary novel is seen through the eyes of Johannes, an avid member of the Hitler Youth in the 1940s. After he is severely injured in a raid, he discovers his parents are hiding a Jewish girl called Elsa behind a false wall in their large house in Vienna. His initial horror turns to interest, then love and obsession. After the disappearance of his parents, Johannes finds he is the only one aware of Elsa's existence in the house, the only one responsible for her survival. Both manipulating and manipulated, Johannes dreads the end of the war: with it will come the prospect of losing Elsa and their relationship, which ranges through passion and obsession, dependence and indifference, love and hate. This gripping, masterful work examines truth and lies at both political and personal levels, laying bare the darkest corners of the human soul.


作者介紹 Christine Leunens Christine Leunens is the author of three novels translated into more than fifteen languages. Her novel Caging Skies is an international bestseller, sold in over twenty countries and the basis for a major new film by director Taika Waititi. Born in Hartford, Connecticut, she's spent most of her life in Europe and now lives in New Zealand. She holds a Master of Liberal Arts in English and American literature and language from Harvard University. A former model, Leunens was the face of Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, Nina Ricci, and others.


書名 / Caging Skies
作者 / Christine Leunens
簡介 / Caging Skies:1940年代,維也納希特勒青年團的10歲成員喬喬,發現父母在家窩藏猶太女孩艾莎。雙親失踪後,男孩喬喬是唯一知道艾莎躲在家裡的人,他必須一肩擔負艾莎的命運
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ISBN10 / 1529396352
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頁數 / 304
語言 / 英文
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