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內容簡介 葛飾北齋在1814年出版的素描集,內含4000幅圖像,名為《北齋漫画》。它原本只是用來作為學徒參考的圖畫集,沒想到卻成為暢銷書。這個三本一套的盒裝書,廣泛地選錄了1814年的漫画,包含北齋藝術中的各種主題、圖案與素描的技巧。這些諷刺漫畫、多格插圖、以及描述式繪畫,都可以視為當今漫畫的基礎。三冊內容分別為:第一冊:探索江戶時代人們的日常生活與舉止(研究日常的習慣與物件,從建築特色到摔角的招式與面部表情)第二冊:世界萬物(主要的關注對象是從動物、岩石的表面肌理到魚類的自然世界)第三冊:奇幻、神秘與超自然(包含神話敘事的圖像與奇幻生物等)In 1814, Hokusai's sketches were published in a handbook of over 4,000 images: Hokusai Manga. It surpassed expectations as a student reference book, and became a bestseller. Here, in an elegant, three-volume package, an expansive selection of these works are revealed, presenting all of the themes, motifs and drawing techniques found in his art. The caricatures, satirical drawings, multi-panel illustrations and narrative depictions found in the book can clearly be seen as the basis for manga as it is understood today. One volume explores The Life and Manners of the Day (studying habits and objects of the everyday, from architectural features to wrestling moves and facial expressions); the second The Whole Earth Catalogue (largely concerned with nature, from animals to rock faces and fish); and the third presents the Fanciful, Mythical and Supernatural (with images narrating myths and displaying fantastical creatures).

Hokusai Manga (3冊合售):葛飾北齋在1814年出版的素描集,內含4000幅圖像,名為《北齋漫画》。它原本只是用來作為學徒參考的圖畫集,沒想到卻成為暢銷書。這個三本一套的

書名 / Hokusai Manga (3冊合售)
簡介 / Hokusai Manga (3冊合售):葛飾北齋在1814年出版的素描集,內含4000幅圖像,名為《北齋漫画》。它原本只是用來作為學徒參考的圖畫集,沒想到卻成為暢銷書。這個三本一套的
作者 / Katsushika Hokusai
誠品26碼 / 2681599787008
ISBN13 / 9780500294611
ISBN10 / 0500294615
EAN / 9780500294611
裝訂 / 平裝
頁數 / 352
語言 / 英文
級別 /
尺寸 / 14.8X10.5CM