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Chanel: Collections and Creations

作者 Bott, Daniele
商品描述 Chanel: Collections and Creations:極簡、黑白的沈穩,且不失典雅的雙C圖案,自1910年至今已經近百年的風華歲月,是怎樣的原因,讓一個品牌屹立百年而不搖。1910年自COCO


內容簡介 A lush visual selection from the Chanel archive�essential reading for fashionistas and design aficionados everywhere. Chanel's combination of tradition, originality, and style has always made it the most seductive of fashion labels. Here the House of Chanel opens its private archives, revealing a galaxy of brilliant designs created by Coco Chanel from 1920 onwards. Dazzling clothes, intricate accessories, beautiful models, and timeless design leave no doubt as to the lasting fame of her name and embody everything that has come to symbolize the magic of Chanel.The book explores five central themes�the suit, the camellia, jewelry, makeup and perfume, the little black dress�and follows the threads from past to present to show how these key items have been rediscovered and reinvented by new designers. It includes many previously unpublished archive photographs and original drawings by Karl Lagerfeld, as well as glorious images from some of the greatest names in fashion photography.


各界推薦 極簡、黑白的沈穩,且不失典雅的雙C圖案,自1910年至今已經近百年的風華歲月,是怎樣的原因,讓一個品牌屹立百年而不搖。1910年自COCO Chanel開始為女性設計了運動的褲裝開始,深具女性主義的設計讓這個品牌崛起,之後1971年,Coco Chanel去世,由這個具有德國血統,愛戴著墨鏡的男士Karl Lagerfeld在1986年開始重現Chanel精神,更將Chanel推上另一個高峰。 在本書中,作者Daniele Bott分為五個主題為讀者介紹Chanel這個品牌,分別是時裝、山茶花系列、珠寶首飾、香水與化妝品,從Chanel的第一間展示間到如今的連鎖精品店,你可以在這本書中看到Chanel的轉變。書中超過一百五十九張圖說,相當多的照片都是相當知名的攝影師拍攝的,最重要的是這些珍貴照片之前從來沒有在其他的雜誌媒體出現過。《Chanel: Collections and Creations》可說是Chanel愛好者不可或缺的終極收藏。


書名 / Chanel: Collections and Creations
作者 / Bott, Daniele
簡介 / Chanel: Collections and Creations:極簡、黑白的沈穩,且不失典雅的雙C圖案,自1910年至今已經近百年的風華歲月,是怎樣的原因,讓一個品牌屹立百年而不搖。1910年自COCO
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語言 / 3:英文
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