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我在世上最困難的行業中, 打造事業: 美國傳奇餐飲大亨翻轉商業模式、影響全球的款待藝術

作者 丹尼.梅爾
商品描述 Setting the Table:Thebestsellingbusinessbookfromaward-winningrestauranteurDannyMeyer,ofUnionSquareCafe,GramercyTavern,andShakeShackSeventy-fivepercentofallnewr


內容簡介 The bestselling business book from award-winning restauranteur Danny Meyer, of Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, and Shake ShackSeventy-five percent of all new restaurant ventures fail, and of those that do stick around, only a few become icons. Danny Meyer started Union Square Cafe when he was 27, with a good idea and hopeful investors. He is now the co-owner of a restaurant empire. How did he do it? How did he beat the odds in one of the toughest trades around? In this landmark book, Danny shares the lessons he learned developing the dynamic philosophy he calls Enlightened Hospitality. The tenets of that philosophy, which emphasize strong in-house relationships as well as customer satisfaction, are applicable to anyone who works in any business. Whether you are a manager, an executive, or a waiter, Danny’s story and philosophy will help you become more effective and productive, while deepening your understanding and appreciation of a job well done. Setting the Table is landmark a motivational work from one of our era’s most gifted and insightful business leaders.


書名 / Setting the Table
作者 / 丹尼.梅爾
簡介 / Setting the Table:Thebestsellingbusinessbookfromaward-winningrestauranteurDannyMeyer,ofUnionSquareCafe,GramercyTavern,andShakeShackSeventy-fivepercentofallnewr
ISBN13 / 9780060742751
ISBN10 / 0060742755
EAN / 9780060742751
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頁數 / 336
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