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商品描述 FOE:柯慈這本有趣的小說與他其他的作品有顯著的不同。在這本參考《魯賓遜漂流記》所寫的小說裡,柯慈檢視了故事與其所傳達意思之間的巨大鴻溝,為意義和文字設計之間提供


內容簡介 With the same electrical intensity of language and insight that he brought to Waiting for the Barbarians, J.M. Coetzee reinvents the story of Robinson Crusoe—and in so doing, directs our attention to the seduction and tyranny of storytelling itself.J.M. Coetzee's latest novel, The Schooldays of Jesus, is now available from Viking. Late Essays: 2006-2016 will be available January 2018. In 1720 the eminent man of letters Daniel Foe is approached by Susan Barton, lately a castaway on a desert island. She wants him to tell her story, and that of the enigmatic man who has become her rescuer, companion, master and sometimes lover: Cruso. Cruso is dead, and his manservant, Friday, is incapable of speech. As she tries to relate the truth about him, the ambitious Barton cannot help turning Cruso into her invention. For as narrated by Foe—as by Coetzee himself—the stories we thought we knew acquire depths that are at once treacherous, elegant, and unexpectedly moving.


各界推薦 柯慈這本有趣的小說與他其他的作品有顯著的不同。在這本參考《魯賓遜漂流記》所寫的小說裡,柯慈檢視了故事與其所傳達意思之間的巨大鴻溝,為意義和文字設計之間提供了思想的空間及有趣的觀點。


作者介紹 Born in Cape Town, South Africa, on February 9, 1940, John Michael Coetzee studied first at Cape Town and later at the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned a Ph.D. degree in literature. In 1972 he returned to South Africa and joined the faculty of the University of Cape Town. His works of fiction include Dusklands, Waiting for the Barbarians, which won South Africa’s highest literary honor, the Central News Agency Literary Award, and the Life and Times of Michael K., for which Coetzee was awarded his first Booker Prize in 1983. He has also published a memoir, Boyhood: Scenes From a Provincial Life, and several essays collections. He has won many other literary prizes including the Lannan Award for Fiction, the Jerusalem Prize and The Irish Times International Fiction Prize. In 1999 he again won Britain’s prestigious Booker Prize for Disgrace, becoming the first author to win the award twice in its 31-year history. In 2003, Coetzee was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.


書名 / FOE
作者 / COETZEE, J. M.
簡介 / FOE:柯慈這本有趣的小說與他其他的作品有顯著的不同。在這本參考《魯賓遜漂流記》所寫的小說裡,柯慈檢視了故事與其所傳達意思之間的巨大鴻溝,為意義和文字設計之間提供
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