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內容簡介 1. Integrated Examples: Numbered and titled examples are integrated in each chapter. Students can learn how to solve specific problems step-by-step as well as gain insight into general principles by seeing how they are applied to answer concrete questions and scenarios. 2. Spreadsheet Solutions Boxes: These boxes provide the student with detailed examples of how to use Excel spreadsheets when applying financial concepts. 3.Finance in Practice Boxes: These are excerpts that appear in most chapters, often from the financial press, providing real-life illustrations of the chapter’s topics, such as ethical choices in finance, disputes about stock valuation, financial planning, and credit analysis. 4.“Beyond the Page” Interactive Content and Applications: Additional resources and hands-on applications are just a click away. Students can tap or click the icons in the e-version or use the direct web links to learn more about key concepts and try out calculations, tables, and figures when they go “Beyond the Page.” 5. Minicases: Integrated minicases allow students to apply their knowledge to relatively complex, practical problems and typical real-world scenarios.


作者介紹 ■作者簡介Richard A. Brealey現職:London Business SchoolStewart C. Myers現職:Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAlan J. Marcus現職:Boston College


產品目錄 PART I: INTRODUCTIONCh 1 Goals and Governance of the CorporationCh 2 Financial Markets and InstitutionsCh 3 Accounting and FinanceCh 4 Measuring Corporate PerformancePART II: VALUECh 5 The Time Value of MoneyCh 6 Valuing BondsCh 7 Valuing StocksCh 8 Net Present Value and Other Investment CriteriaCh 9 Using Discounted Cash-Flow Analysis to Make Investment DecisionsCh 10 Project AnalysisPART III: RISKCh 11 Introduction to Risk, Return, and the Opportunity Cost of CapitalCh 12 Risk, Return, and Capital BudgetingCh 13 The Weighted-Average Cost of Capital and Company ValuationPART IV: FINANCINGCh 14 Introduction to Corporate FinancingCh 15 How Corporations Raise Venture Capital and Issue SecuritiesPART V: DEBT AND PAYOUT POLICYCh 16 Debt PolicyCh 17 Payout PolicyPART VI: FINANCIAL ANALYSIS AND PLANNINGCh 18 Long-Term Financial PlanningCh 19 Short-Term Financial PlanningCh 20 Working Capital ManagementPART VII: SPECIAL TOPICSCh 21 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate ControlCh 22 International Financial ManagementCh 23 OptionsCh 24 Risk ManagementPART VIII: CONCLUSIONCh 25 What We Do and Do Not Know about Finance

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (9 Ed.):1.IntegratedExamples:Numberedandtitledexamplesareintegratedineachchapter.Studentscanlearnhowtosolvespecificproblemsst

書名 / Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (9 Ed.)
簡介 / Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (9 Ed.):1.IntegratedExamples:Numberedandtitledexamplesareintegratedineachchapter.Studentscanlearnhowtosolvespecificproblemsst
作者 / Richard A. Brealey Stewart C. Myers Alan J. Marcus
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