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What!!π=4 √φ=3.1446...Is this true!?(Revised_edition)

作者 Umeniuguisu/著;
出版社 日本出版販売株式会社
商品描述 What!!π=4 √φ=3.1446...Is this true!?(Revised_edition):"Thisbookclarifiestherelationshipbetweenthecircleratioπandthegoldenratioφfromanuncommonview.Iwroteitwith


內容簡介 "This book clarifies the relationship between the circle ratio π and the golden ratio φ from an uncommon view. I wrote it without using difficult mathematical expressions so that many readers can understand it at the middle school level. As I am out of my depth in mathematics, enjoy my thesis on mathematics." "Golden ratio;Pi;Pi=4 √φ=3,1446... !?;Formula;Math"


書名 / What!!π=4 √φ=3.1446...Is this true!?(Revised_edition)
作者 / Umeniuguisu 著;
簡介 / What!!π=4 √φ=3.1446...Is this true!?(Revised_edition):"Thisbookclarifiestherelationshipbetweenthecircleratioπandthegoldenratioφfromanuncommonview.Iwroteitwith
出版社 / 日本出版販売株式会社
ISBN13 / 9784865843293
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EAN / 9784865843293
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