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Tadao Ando: Spirit

作者 Philip Jodidio/ Tadao Ando
商品描述 Tadao Ando: Spirit:Anin-depthlookatthemodernsacredspacesinJapan,Korea,andFrancedesignedbytheworld-renownedJapanesearchitect,givingunprecedentedaccesstohisthoug


內容簡介 深入了解享譽國際的日本建築大師安藤忠雄操刀設計的神聖空間建築物--作品遍及日本、韓國、法國,透過大量的照片、設計手稿和平面圖走進他細膩豐富的設計思維過程。An in-depth look at the modern sacred spaces in Japan, Korea, and France designed by the world-renowned Japanese architect, giving unprecedented access to his thought process through photographs, sketches, and plans.Tadao Ando is one of the best-known and most influential architects of the contemporary age. His work is unmistakably spiritual, even for a nonbeliever. Heavily influenced by Japanese traditions and primarily interested in using concrete as a building material, Ando leverages simplicity in order to make it easy for people to experience the spirit and beauty of nature, leaving out ornament in favor of emphasizing the buildings’ surroundings and embeddedness with the natural world. To Ando, sunlight, wind, and rain are expressions of the natural world, and geometry is also part of the underlying reality of life.Philip Jodidio provides insight into Ando’s unique way of envisioning spiritual spaces, which intermingle simplicity with mystery, rationality with wild nature. The volume features thirteen places in depth, many for the first time in glorious full-color—from the Hill of the Buddha in Sapporo, Japan, which is surrounded by thousands of lavender plants, to the Meditation Space in Paris, where one can pause for a moment of quiet reflection. The Church of the Light is marked only by a cruciform opening that leaves the spectator to contemplate the qualities of form, light, and space. At the Water Temple, an elliptical lotus pond appears behind a curved wall, and a narrow flight of stairs in the middle of the pond leads down to the inner sanctum. As Ando writes in his preface, the book reflects his lifelong study of spaces for worship, where people gather, and it represents a special period in his life where he has become more focused on his spiritual work.


作者介紹 Tadao AndoTadao Ando is a world-renowned Japanese architect and recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1995.Philip JodidioPhilip Jodidio was editor in chief of the French art monthly Connaissance des Arts from 1980 to 2002. Jodidio has written over 100 books about contemporary architecture and art including Tadao Ando: Living with Light, Tadao Ando: Houses, and I. M. Pei: The Complete Works for Rizzoli.


書名 / Tadao Ando: Spirit
作者 / Philip Jodidio Tadao Ando
簡介 / Tadao Ando: Spirit:Anin-depthlookatthemodernsacredspacesinJapan,Korea,andFrancedesignedbytheworld-renownedJapanesearchitect,givingunprecedentedaccesstohisthoug
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EAN / 9780847872985
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頁數 / 252
裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 27.9X27.9X0
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最佳賣點 : 深入了解享譽國際的日本建築大師安藤忠雄操刀設計的神聖空間建築物--作品遍及日本、韓國、法國,透過大量的照片、設計手稿和平面圖走進他細膩豐富的設計思維過程。