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作者 郭強生
商品描述 The Piano Tuner:郭強生《尋琴者》英文版「起初,我們都只是靈魂,還沒有肉體。」「神用音樂將靈魂騙進肉體,靈魂從此失去自由。」一位擁有過人音樂天分的鋼琴調音師,少


內容簡介 郭強生《尋琴者》英文版「起初,我們都只是靈魂,還沒有肉體。」「神用音樂將靈魂騙進肉體,靈魂從此失去自由。」一位擁有過人音樂天分的鋼琴調音師,少年時的遭遇讓他放棄成為鋼琴家的夢想,人生也停留在逝去的時光與感情之中。一位年逾六十歲的生意人,因為妻子死後留下的一架鋼琴與調音師相遇,兩人結伴踏上尋琴之路……每個人都有與生俱來的共鳴程式,「有人在樂器中尋找,有人在歌聲中尋找,也有人更幸運地,能夠就在茫茫塵世間,找到了那個能夠喚醒與過去、現在、未來產生共鳴的一種震動。」你的一生是否也在尋覓能夠共鳴的靈魂?金鼎獎、台灣文學金典獎、開卷好書獎得主郭強生,繼暢銷動人的散文書寫之後,重回小說領域推出《尋琴者》。這是郭強生首次嘗試音樂題材的小說,每個句子宛如音符精確而優雅,譜寫愛慕與寂寞的殘酷,只為追尋靈魂共鳴的無悔。全書哀傷而節制,讀完讓你掩卷嘆息。本書介出自木馬文化出版《尋琴者》"


作者介紹 Chiang-Sheng KuoChiang-Sheng Kuo (郭強生) is one of the most exciting storytellers and prose stylists in Taiwanese literature today, He has written a number of novels, essay collections, and plays, of which The Piano Tuner is the first to be published in English. The Piano Tuner was a bestseller and swept every major literary award in Taiwan, including the 2021 United Daily Literature Award, 2020 Taiwan Literature Golden Award, and 2020 Openbook Book of the Year Award as well as other honors. Chiang-Sheng Kuo earned a PhD in drama from New York University and teaches in the Department of Language and Creative Writing at National Taipei University of Education. He lives in Taipei.Howard GoldblattHoward Goldblatt translates Chinese fiction from China and Taiwan, including Nobel Prize-winner Mo Yan, five of whose works are published by Arcade (The Garlic Ballads; The Republic of Wine; Big Breasts and Wide Hips; Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out; Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh). He has also translated works by Chiang-Sheng Kuo (The Piano Tuner) and Liu Zhenyun (I Did Not Kill My Husband; The Cook, the Crook, and the Real Estate Tycoon; Remembering 1942, all with Sylvia Li-chun Lin and published by Arcade). He taught Chinese literature and culture for more than a quarter of a century. He lives in Lafayette, Colorado.Sylvia Li-chun LinSylvia Li-chun Lin, a former teacher and scholar of modern and contemporary Chinese literature and culture, is a full-time translator and writer. She and Howard Goldblatt live in Lafayette, Colorado, with their demonic cat, Domino.


書名 / The Piano Tuner
作者 / 郭強生
簡介 / The Piano Tuner:郭強生《尋琴者》英文版「起初,我們都只是靈魂,還沒有肉體。」「神用音樂將靈魂騙進肉體,靈魂從此失去自由。」一位擁有過人音樂天分的鋼琴調音師,少
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