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The Book of Form and Emptiness

作者 Ruth Ozeki
商品描述 The Book of Form and Emptiness:他遇到了他自己的書,一本會說話的書。摯愛的音樂家父親去世一年後,十三歲的班尼開始聽到來自家中物品的種種聲音。他不瞭解聲音的意義,


內容簡介 他遇到了他自己的書,一本會說話的書。摯愛的音樂家父親去世一年後,十三歲的班尼開始聽到來自家中物品的種種聲音。他不瞭解聲音的意義,卻能感覺其中的愉快、溫和、諷刺、憤怒或痛苦等情緒。母親開始囤積物品時,聲音更加喧嘩、如影隨形的糾纏班尼,迫使他逃到寧靜的公共圖書館尋求庇護,那兒的物品總是低聲細語。他在這個新世界邂逅不同的人物,也找到自己的書——一本會說話的書。After the tragic death of his beloved musician father, fourteen-year-old Benny Oh begins to hear voices. The voices belong to the things in his house-a sneaker, a broken Christmas ornament, a piece of wilted lettuce. Although Benny doesn't understand what these things are saying, he can sense their emotional tone; some are pleasant, a gentle hum or coo, but others are snide, angry and full of pain. When his mother develops a hoarding problem, the voices grow more clamorous. At first Benny tries to ignore them, but soon the voices follow him outside the house, onto the street and at school, driving him at last to seek refuge in the silence of a large public library, where objects are well-behaved and know to speak in whispers. There, Benny discovers a strange new world, where 'things happen'. He falls in love with a mesmerising street artist with a smug pet ferret, who uses the library as her performance space. He meets a homeless philosopher-poet, who encourages him to ask important questions and find his own voice amongst the many. And he meets his very own Book-a talking thing-who narrates Benny's life and teaches him to listen to the things that truly matter. The Book of Form and Emptiness blends unforgettable characters, riveting plot and vibrant engagement with everything from jazz to climate change to our attachment to material possessions. This is classic Ruth Ozeki-bold, humane and heartbreaking.


作者介紹 Ruth Ozeki Ruth Ozeki is a novelist, filmmaker, and Zen Buddhist priest. She is the award-winning author of three novels, My Year of Meats, All Over Creation, and A Tale for the Time Being, which was a finalist for the 2013 Booker Prize. Her nonfiction work includes a memoir, The Face: A Time Code, and the documentary film, Halving the Bones. She is affiliated with the Everyday Zen Foun­dation and teaches creative writing at Smith College, where she is the Grace Jarcho Ross 1933 Professor of Humanities.


書名 / The Book of Form and Emptiness
作者 / Ruth Ozeki
簡介 / The Book of Form and Emptiness:他遇到了他自己的書,一本會說話的書。摯愛的音樂家父親去世一年後,十三歲的班尼開始聽到來自家中物品的種種聲音。他不瞭解聲音的意義,
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ISBN10 / 1838855246
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語言 / 英文
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頁數 / 560
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