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作者 L. Frank Baum
出版社 Harper Design
商品描述 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:美國經典童話《綠野仙蹤》立體互動書!將名著裡的重要情節轉製成可拉轉移動、機關重重的彩繪插圖,搭配故事文字,組成賞心悅目的閱讀饗宴!Ha


內容簡介 美國經典童話《綠野仙蹤》立體互動書!將名著裡的重要情節轉製成可拉轉移動、機關重重的彩繪插圖,搭配故事文字,組成賞心悅目的閱讀饗宴!童書經典大師李曼·法蘭克·鮑姆(L. Frank Baum) 原著《綠野仙蹤》豪華版,由場景設計電影《哈利波特》的工作室MinaLima 創作互動立體書。經典故事《綠野仙蹤》被譽為「美國最偉大、最受人喜愛的童話」。《綠野仙蹤》自 1900 年出版以來,是最受歡迎的兒童讀物之一,也是奧斯卡電影、舞台劇和音樂劇的靈感來源。當桃樂絲被龍捲風帶到了奧茲,一個充滿女巫、芒奇金人、長翅膀的猴子的神奇之地,她要如何克服害怕找到回家的路。這個家喻戶曉的故事,除了擁有令人難忘的角色:稻草人、鐵皮人和膽小的獅子。互動書重新構思小說的重要圖像,獨特而令人愉悅的風格搭配經典台詞。無論老少,將為之目不轉睛。豪華插圖版包含了藝術創作,及九個互動功能,身為鑑賞收藏家的您將不可錯過MinaLima 平面設計工作室,以創作《哈利波特》與《神奇野獸》系列的視覺風格聞名。他們的暢銷書包括《哈利·波特與魔法石》、《哈利·波特電影魔法》,JK羅琳的《神奇動物在哪裡》等作品。 A deluxe gift edition of L. Frank Baum's cherished children's classic, vividly reimagined with beautiful four-color artwork and nine interactive features created by MinaLima, the award-winning design studio behind the graphics for the Harry Potter film franchise. Hailed as "America's greatest and best-loved homegrown fairytale" by the Library of Congress, L. Frank Baum's classic story has been enjoyed by generations of young readers since its publication in 1900. One of the most-read children's books, it is a staple of American literature and the inspiration for the beloved 1939 Academy Award-winning movie (widely acclaimed as one of the greatest films of all time), as well as stage plays and musicals. When a tornado strikes the Kansas prairie, young orphan Dorothy Gale and her little dog Toto are blown away to Oz, a magical place filled with witches, munchkins, winged monkeys, and other unusual inhabitants. Lost and afraid, all Dorothy wants is to return to her Uncle Henry and Auntie Em. But to do so, the Good Witch of the North tells her, she must follow the Yellow Brick Road that leads to the Emerald City. There, she will find the fearsome Wizard of Oz who can help her find her way home. Along the way, Dorothy encounters three unforgettable characters—the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion-who join her in her quest. Their journey to the Emerald City, fraught with peril and adventure, teaches them the true meaning of friendship and reminds us all that there is no place like home. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Interactive reimagines the novel's iconic imagery and highlights phrases from the original book in a unique and delightful style that will enchant readers of all ages. Sure to become a collector's item, this deluxe illustrated edition contains specially commissioned artwork and nine exclusive interactive features, including: A cyclone map that opens up to reveal the Land of Oz A pop-up Yellow Brick Road Oz glasses that provide a different look at the world Fighting trees with branches that move Dorothy's silver shoes that can be clicked together This marvelous edition will enchant young and adult readers and is a thoughtful gift for any occasion.


作者介紹 L. Frank Baum L. Frank Baum (1856-1919) published The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1900 and received enormous, immediate success. Baum went on to write seventeen additional novels in the Oz series. Today, he is considered the father of the American fairy tale. His stories inspired the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz, one of the most widely viewed movies of all time. MinaLima MinaLima is an award-winning graphic design studio founded by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, renowned for establishing the visual graphic style of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film series. Specializing in graphic design and illustration, Miraphora and Eduardo have continued their involvement in the Harry Potter franchise through numerous design commissions, from creating all the graphic elements for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando Resort, to designing award-winning publications for the brand. Their best-selling books include Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone, Harry Potter Film Wizardry, The Case of Beasts: Explore the Film Wizardry of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Archive of Magic: Explore the Film Wizardry of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts screenplays. MinaLima studio is renowned internationally for telling stories through design and has created its own MinaLima Classics series, reimagining a growing collection of much-loved tales including Peter Pan, The Secret Garden, and Pinocchio.


書名 / The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
作者 / L. Frank Baum
簡介 / The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:美國經典童話《綠野仙蹤》立體互動書!將名著裡的重要情節轉製成可拉轉移動、機關重重的彩繪插圖,搭配故事文字,組成賞心悅目的閱讀饗宴!Ha
出版社 / Harper Design
ISBN13 / 9780063055735
ISBN10 / 0063055732
EAN / 9780063055735
誠品26碼 / 2682024432005
語言 / 英文
尺寸 / 23.5X15.9X0CM
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裝訂 / 精裝
頁數 / 256