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傳家 (4冊合售)

作者 Xiang Yao
商品描述 The Art of Chinese Living: An Inheritance of Tradition (4冊合售):【姚任祥老師《傳家》全球唯一國際英文版】遇見生活中的美好!ChroniclingthetraditionsofChineselif


內容簡介 【誠品線上獨家首賣】限量蓋章收藏版!姚任祥老師《傳家》全球唯一國際英文版 遇見生活中的美好~《傳家》.代代相傳的生活智慧 《傳家》是為這一個世代所寫的文化寶典,珍藏著代代相傳的生活智慧。《傳家》是生活的幸福寶典,是中華文化的智慧百科,正如林懷民推薦:「父母與教師應該人手一本。」名建築師姚仁喜的太太姚任祥完成了一套27萬字的鉅作《傳家》,這是一套以文字、影像與生活結合的嶄新創作,分別以春、夏、秋、冬四季呈現出來的生活智慧。她想發揚「人人皆可傳家」的精神,經營自己的家;她想分享好好過日子的生活秘笈,讓我們的生活有滋有味,還能代代相傳。姚任祥,她是京劇名伶顧正秋的女兒,是名建築師姚仁喜的太太,是三個孩子的母親,更是位集才思、才情、才藝於一身的奇女子。為了讓遠赴美國念書的子女不忘記自己優美的文化,遂發願以創新的手法,懷著文化研究及保存的精神,巨細靡遺彙整中華文化資產,從淵遠流長的傳統,演變到現代社會的個人實踐,她編寫、出版圖文並茂的《傳家~中國人的生活智慧》套書,叮囑孩子們「不可忘本」,務必讓中華文化一代代傳承下去。此巨著費時七年,分成《春》、《夏》、《秋》、《冬》四冊,其內容涵蓋各個季節的食衣住行、詩詞歌賦、書法繪畫…等,允為現代中國的生活百科全書。書本以「氣氛生活」、「歲時節慶」、「以食為天」、「匠心手藝」、「齊家心語」、「生活札記」六大單元分類,不僅鋪陳中國人的生活經驗與生活哲學,也具體呈現「家」在人類生活中的深刻奧義。氣氛生活 搭配四季的風景和小食,傳達當季不同的光影。歲時節慶 每季代表性的節日,和自古流傳的慶典禮儀。並以淺顯易懂的方式說明農民曆和二十四節氣的智慧。以食為天 講到米麵主食、零食的豐富變化,又細數家傳食譜、民間食補到中醫藥膳,展現豐富多元的飲食文化。匠心手藝 花藝、首飾、從藍染花布到戲劇服飾,還有禮贈的包裝,作者一一細心整理,巧手設計,展現精緻的工藝風華。齊家心語 一篇篇任祥寫給子女、公婆、父母、丈夫的家書,以及悉心為孩子整理的歷史、書畫、待人接物的禮儀格言等,提倡「家庭」的價值。生活札記 料理生活的技巧與常識,談菜園、廚房、也談四季養生、家庭管理、家人溝通…等。本中文書介出自《傳家 (4冊合售)》財團法人信誼基金會信誼出版社出版Chronicling the traditions of Chinese life and culture, The Art of Chinese Living is a visual cornucopia and an epic cultural immersion into everything from cuisine and history to art and rituals, calligraphy and music to artefacts and interiors, and from widespread national traditions to the minutiae of daily family life. Spanning over 1,100 stunning pages and divided into the four seasons, this lavish four-volume set in a cloth-bound slipcase is alive with culture. The passion and research that have gone into producing this masterpiece are palpable on every page, from the 10,000 commissioned photographs and illustrations to the incredible gatefold pages and painstaking detail. It is a love letter to Chinese culture written by a mother keen to share her passion for incredible traditions both big and small with her own children, and those of families around the world – whether looking to rekindle a connection with their own traditions or eager to learn more about China, its history and culture. From recipes and home-made gift ideas to an epic timeline of Chinese dynasties and cultural artefacts, The Art of Chinese Living is a joy to behold and a treasure to share. In the words of the author, ‘This volume of books is a gift to all the Chinese people, as well as all who have a love for Chinese culture. My objective was to enable everyone to access Chinese culture in their everyday lives, rather than something that could only be appreciated in museums or history books.’


作者介紹 姚任祥 出生於台灣台北。1983年自美國加州洛杉磯服裝設計商業學院畢業。自1985年開始,在姚仁喜 | 大元建築工場主管行政事務。也參予事務所的創意設計。 姚任祥於2010年8月出版『傳家:中國人的生活智慧』套書,以為公益募款之用。全書以春、夏、秋、冬四冊,探討中國人的生活與藝術、家族變遷等文化傳承,廣受海內外讀者肯定; 2012年五月出版『傳家』簡體版。 2019年10月出版『台北上河圖』套書,紀錄台北人一世紀的回憶。 2021年12月7日,世界著名出版社Harper Collins 將推出『傳家』英文版,並行銷全世界。 (誠品書店則於10月份,率先上市。) 姚任祥育有三個孩子,她給自己的使命是:承傳生活的文化,宣揚家庭的價值。 日文版『傳家』,是她的下一個翻譯計畫。 Xiang Yao Xiang Yao is an award-winning designer whose work spans the fields of interior design, fashion, gift and jewelry. She has also written two best-selling publications: The Art of Chinese Living: An Inheritance of Tradition (first published in Chinese in 2010) and Along the Taipei River (2020). For both books, Xiang assembled detailed descriptions, compelling stories and stunning visuals that would captivate her readers and transmit her deep passion for Chinese art and tradition. And behind the beautiful pages of these books is a mother who is passionate about educating her children in the ways of traditional Chinese culture. Xiang's work effortlessly bridges ancient Chinese culture and the modern world, offering a refreshing take on an illustrious history that dates back several millennia. Xiang currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan, with her husband Kris, and their four dogs.


書名 / The Art of Chinese Living: An Inheritance of Tradition (4冊合售)
作者 / Xiang Yao
簡介 / The Art of Chinese Living: An Inheritance of Tradition (4冊合售):【姚任祥老師《傳家》全球唯一國際英文版】遇見生活中的美好!ChroniclingthetraditionsofChineselif
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