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In Harm's Way

作者 Anthony Mosawi
商品描述 In Harm's Way:SaraEdenisn’tlikeotheragents.ShewasthegreatestassetMI5hadeverhad.Butthenshedisappearedwithoutatrace.Now,she’soutofhiding.Andshe’lldowhateverit


內容簡介 SHE CAN SEE WHAT'S COMING . . . BUT CAN SHE STOP IT?'Mosawi blasts Sara Eden into the pantheon of contemporary thriller stars' GREGG HURWITZ'An unrelenting thrill ride . . . Compelling and marvellously complex. I loved it' DAVID KLASS________YOU DON'T TRUST HER . . .As the head of GCHQ, Robert Watermen is trained to seek out threats - before they become dangerous. He trusts data and numbers, not people. So when he meets Sara Eden, he doesn't know what to think.BUT YOU NEED HER . . .She's not an agent. But she knows things that not even his most powerful computer systems do. And she can predict events that no one else can see coming.THE FUTURE DEPENDS ON HER . . .When terror strikes the capital, Robert faces a choice. Trust his instincts? Or put the fate of countless lives in the hands of a stranger . . .


作者介紹 Anthony Mosawi was born in the Middle East and was educated in Iraq, Lebanon, the UAE and England. He is a barrister and Californian attorney. Anthony emigrated to California in 1997 and worked as an executive on the Paramount Pictures lot for 7 years before becoming a film financier and producer. He is married with two children.


書名 / In Harm's Way
作者 / Anthony Mosawi
簡介 / In Harm's Way:SaraEdenisn’tlikeotheragents.ShewasthegreatestassetMI5hadeverhad.Butthenshedisappearedwithoutatrace.Now,she’soutofhiding.Andshe’lldowhateverit
ISBN13 / 9781405929615
ISBN10 / 1405929618
EAN / 9781405929615
誠品26碼 / 2681986385008
尺寸 / 19.8X12.9X3.5CM
語言 / 英文
裝訂 / 平裝
級別 /
頁數 / 400