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內容簡介 穿梭花園的小蜜蜂 數數翻翻書寒冬將近,天氣漸漸暖和,小蜜蜂要開始嗡嗡嗡了,牠先探探孤單的雪花蓮(1),問候2朵半開的番紅花,再發呀飛,拜訪6朵在風中搖曳生姿的蜀葵,到7朵努力朝向天空伸展的罌粟家串門子,給8朵臉仰的好高好高的向日葵說聲嗨。隨著小蜜蜂的嗡嗡嗡,花朵愈來愈盛開,小讀者可以學數數,還可以翻開花瓣、樹葉、樹叢、雲…小翻頁,看看有什麼小動物(藏在櫻花樹裡的,是5顆小鳥蛋喔!)。而整本書的顏色從冬日的暗灰到春夏的明亮,小朋友數數同時,還能欣賞季節的顏色變化! In a spring garden the flowers are slowly coming out as the weather warms up. As the flowers come, so too do bees and other forms of life. This follow on from Little Tree is a simple counting book with a difference. The text will count emerging spring flowers from one to ten, but under petals and on the reverse sides of leaves, the same number of bees will also appear. As the garden fills up with flowers so it fills up with life. Each page of the book will have lift-the flaps that correspond with the shapes and layers of the different flowers. Readers will be able to open the petals of a sunflower, turn an vine of dog rose buds into an archway of fully bloomed flowers.

Little Honey Bee:穿梭花園的小蜜蜂數數翻翻書寒冬將近,天氣漸漸暖和,小蜜蜂要開始嗡嗡嗡了,牠先探探孤單的雪花蓮(1),問候2朵半開的番紅花,再發呀飛,拜訪6朵在風

書名 / Little Honey Bee
簡介 / Little Honey Bee:穿梭花園的小蜜蜂數數翻翻書寒冬將近,天氣漸漸暖和,小蜜蜂要開始嗡嗡嗡了,牠先探探孤單的雪花蓮(1),問候2朵半開的番紅花,再發呀飛,拜訪6朵在風
作者 / Katie Haworth
出版社 / Big Picture Press
誠品26碼 / 2681471126000
ISBN13 / 9781783702602
ISBN10 / 1783702605
EAN / 9781783702602
裝訂 / 兒童厚紙版書
頁數 / 12
語言 / 英文
級別 /
尺寸 / 29.7X18CM