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Mission: Economics

作者 Mariana Mazzucato
商品描述 Mission: Economics:全球44%的財富掌握在1%的人手中,貧富兩極;氣候變遷正在改變、消滅地球上的生命;人類飽受威脅折磨...我們不能再坐視了!但,數十年的沉痼如何能解


內容簡介 全球近半財富掌握在1%的人手中,經濟學家相信此問題將有解法!全球44%的財富掌握在1%的人手中,貧富兩極;氣候變遷正在改變、消滅地球上的生命;人類飽受威脅折磨...我們不能再坐視了!但,數十年的沉痼如何能解?經濟學家馬祖卡托的批判犀利及時。她認為,唯有創新、運用協同合作、任務導向的思維,導入PPP模式(民間參與公共建設)的持股人觀點,共同承擔風險與分享報酬,才能解決眼前的巨大危機。The extraordinary efforts that took mankind to the moon 50 years ago were more than a scientific feat of aeronautics. They required new forms of collaboration between the public sector (notably, NASA) and private companies. This book asks: what if the same level of boldness - the boldness that set inspirational goals, took risks and explicitly recognized that this requires large spending but will be worthwhile in terms of long-term growth - was applied to the biggest problems of our time, climate change, disease and inequality, to name only a few? Mariana Mazzucato argues that applying innovation to societal goals and structuring government budgets more explicitly to the long-term, as the moon programme did, we can do government differently.


作者介紹 Mariana Mazzucato is Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value at University College London (UCL) where she is also Founder and Director of the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose. She is author of the highly-acclaimed book The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Sector Myths, and winner of the 2014 New Statesman SPERI Prize in Political Economy, the 2015 Hans-Matthöfer-Preis, the 2018 Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought and the 2019 Madame de Staël Prize. She advises policymakers around the world on how to deliver 'smart', inclusive and sustainable growth. She was named as one of the '3 most important thinkers about innovation' by the New Republic.


書名 / Mission: Economics
作者 / Mariana Mazzucato
簡介 / Mission: Economics:全球44%的財富掌握在1%的人手中,貧富兩極;氣候變遷正在改變、消滅地球上的生命;人類飽受威脅折磨...我們不能再坐視了!但,數十年的沉痼如何能解
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