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Kinfolk Wilderness

作者 John Burns
出版社 Hachette Book Group USA
商品描述 Kinfolk Wilderness:KINFOLK最新《荒野Wilderness》:一場疫情,幾乎讓我們忘了世界有多美。本次主題帶我們回歸野外,重新回憶起戶外無邊無際的視野、和自由的空氣。再次


內容簡介 KINFOLK最新《荒野 Wilderness》一場疫情,幾乎讓我們忘了世界有多美本次主題帶我們回歸野外,重新回憶起戶外無邊無際的視野、和自由的空氣。再次體驗慢遊‧漫遊的樂趣。KINFOLK相信旅行是一種融於心靈、日常的狀態。也是種結合身心內外在,探索世界的方式。離開踏上旅程,可以幫助我們沉澱、反思自己的思緒;而當旅程結束回到原地,我們將更貼近、了解自己!Discover the pleasures of slow travel with this inspiring introduction to the beauty and possibility of the great outdoors.Whatever your pace or purpose, the stories within will provide you with a fresh perspective on what it means to be “outdoorsy,” whether that means trekking from hut to hut in New Zealand, saddling up at a Patagonian ranch or simply taking a moment for mindfulness amid the pristine peaks of Bhutan. Featuring vibrant photography, practical guidance and thoughtful reflections on land stewardship, Kinfolk Wilderness brings together inspiring itineraries from five continents that promise adventure, inspire awe and spark a deeper connection to the landscape. You’ll find entry points into bucolic European idylls from Denmark to Romania, discover new hiking trails through the ancient hills of Iraqi Kurdistan and learn how to stargaze in the haunting dark-sky deserts of California. Guided by the belief that travel is as much a state of mind as an action or itinerary, Kinfolk celebrates a way of exploring our world that not only fosters thoughtful perspectives on the places we visit but also deepens our relationship with home once the journey is over.


作者介紹 John Burns John Burns is the editor in chief of Kinfolk, a quarterly magazine based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2011, Kinfolk delves into personal values and quality of life, and inspires its readers to approach life with intention, energy, and a sense of community. Burns is also the author of Kinfolk Islands, Kinfolk Travel, and The Kinfolk Garden; other books in this series include The Kinfolk Table, The Kinfolk Home, and The Kinfolk Entrepreneur.


書名 / Kinfolk Wilderness
作者 / John Burns
簡介 / Kinfolk Wilderness:KINFOLK最新《荒野Wilderness》:一場疫情,幾乎讓我們忘了世界有多美。本次主題帶我們回歸野外,重新回憶起戶外無邊無際的視野、和自由的空氣。再次
出版社 / Hachette Book Group USA
ISBN13 / 9781648291715
ISBN10 / 1648291716
EAN / 9781648291715
誠品26碼 / 2682334372008
頁數 / 256
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裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
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