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Apropos of Nothing

作者 Woody Allen
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Apropos of Nothing:,TheLong-Awaited,EnormouslyEntertainingMemoirbyOneoftheGreatArtistsofOurTime--NowaNewYorkTimes,USAToday,LosAngelesTimes,andPublisher'sWeekl


內容簡介 The Long-Awaited, Enormously Entertaining Memoir by One of the Great Artists of Our Time--Now a New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and Publisher's Weekly Bestseller. In this candid and often hilarious memoir, the celebrated director, comedian, writer, and actor offers a comprehensive, personal look at his tumultuous life. Beginning with his Brooklyn childhood and his stint as a writer for the Sid Caesar variety show in the early days of television, working alongside comedy greats, Allen tells of his difficult early days doing standup before he achieved recognition and success. With his unique storytelling pizzazz, he recounts his departure into moviemaking, with such slapstick comedies as Take the Money and Run, and revisits his entire, sixty-year-long, and enormously productive career as a writer and director, from his classics Annie Hall, Manhattan, and Annie and Her Sisters to his most recent films, including Midnight in Paris. Along the way, he discusses his marriages, his romances and famous friendships, his jazz playing, and his books and plays. We learn about his demons, his mistakes, his successes, and those he loved, worked with, and learned from in equal measure. This is a hugely entertaining, deeply honest, rich and brilliant self-portrait of a celebrated artist who is ranked among the greatest filmmakers of our time.


作者介紹 Woody Allen is a writer, director, and actor. He has been a stand-up comedian and a published author. He lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with his wife of twenty-two years, Soon-Yi, and their two daughters, Manzie and Bechet. He is an avid jazz enthusiast and devoted sports fan. In his own words, he regrets that he has never made a great film, though he says he is still trying.


書名 / Apropos of Nothing
作者 / Woody Allen
簡介 / Apropos of Nothing:,TheLong-Awaited,EnormouslyEntertainingMemoirbyOneoftheGreatArtistsofOurTime--NowaNewYorkTimes,USAToday,LosAngelesTimes,andPublisher'sWeekl
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781951627348
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EAN / 9781951627348
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重量(g) / 589.7
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