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The Gray Man

作者 Mark Greaney
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Gray Man:THEFIRSTGRAYMANNOVELFROM#1NEWYORKTIMESBESTSELLINGAUTHORMARKGREANEY--SoontoBeaNetflixOriginalFilmStarringRyanGoslingandChrisEvans"Hard,fast,andunfl


內容簡介 【走進閱讀世界|迷誠品:專文推薦】標題|【美劇推薦】超越小說極限的8部神片,不到最後猜不到撰文|迷誠品內容中心改編自《紐約時報》暢銷書榜作家馬克.格里尼原著小說的電影《灰影人》,請來「美國隊長」克里斯.伊凡(Chris Evans)、《手扎情緣》雷恩·葛斯林(Ryan Gosling),和《007:生死交戰》安娜.德哈瑪斯(Ana de Armas)等黃金陣容演出,還有自《復仇者聯盟》畢業的導演「羅素兄弟」(Russo Brothers)執導;光是看完卡司就忍不住想買票!(所幸這次直接上映Netflix)☞點此進入迷誠品閱讀文章THE FIRST GRAY MAN NOVEL FROM #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR MARK GREANEY--Now a Netflix Film Starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans "Hard, fast, and unflinching--exactly what a thriller should be."--Lee Child To those who lurk in the shadows, he's known as the Gray Man. He is a legend in the covert realm, moving silently from job to job, accomplishing the impossible and then fading away. And he always hits his target. Always. But there are forces more lethal than Gentry in the world. Forces like money. And power. And there are men who hold these as the only currency worth fighting for. And in their eyes, Gentry has just outlived his usefulness. But Court Gentry is going to prove that, for him, there's no gray area between killing for a living and killing to stay alive....


作者介紹 Mark Greaney has a degree in international relations and political science. In his research for the Gray Man novels, he traveled to more than thirty-five countries and trained alongside military and law enforcement in the use of firearms, battlefield medicine, and close-range combative tactics. He is also the author of the New York Times bestsellers Tom Clancy Support and Defend, Tom Clancy Full Force and Effect, Tom Clancy Commander in Chief, and Tom Clancy True Faith and Allegiance. With Tom Clancy, he coauthored Locked On, Threat Vector, and Command Authority.


書名 / The Gray Man
作者 / Mark Greaney
簡介 / The Gray Man:THEFIRSTGRAYMANNOVELFROM#1NEWYORKTIMESBESTSELLINGAUTHORMARKGREANEY--SoontoBeaNetflixOriginalFilmStarringRyanGoslingandChrisEvans"Hard,fast,andunfl
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9780425276389
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EAN / 9780425276389
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