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How to Build LEGO Cars

作者 Nate Dias/ Hannah Dolan
商品描述 How to Build LEGO Cars:用樂高積木打造自己的夢幻車種!(本書未附樂高積木需另外準備)本書介紹只要使用同一組積木,便可以組裝出三十種以上的車喔!極速跑車、黃色計程車


內容簡介 用樂高積木打造自己的夢幻車種!(本書未附樂高積木需另外準備) 本書介紹只要使用同一組積木,便可以組裝出三十種以上的車喔!極速跑車、黃色計程車、卡車、冰淇淋車,樣樣都行!書中將每一種車拆解成三至五個組裝程序,讓小孩從步驟簡單的車款開始練習,逐步進階到步驟較複雜的車種。拼組車身底盤、保險槓、鋪設馬路的同時,可以學習到樂高積木的基本組裝技巧。 DK出版社【How to Build LEGO】系列,用樂高積木解鎖每個小玩家的想像力與創造力 Discover how to build your dream LEGO® cars Be inspired by 30 awesome LEGO vehicles, from a speedy sports car and a yellow taxi to a monster truck and an ice-cream van. Embark on an imaginative building journey as the models get more challenging through the book. Each vehicle idea is shown broken down into three, four, or five important building steps. Learn essential building techniques to create chassis, bumpers, roads, and more for your own wonderful creations. You can build anything! ©2021 The LEGO Group


作者介紹 Nate DiasNate Dias is Science Teacher by day and a LEGO Master by night. Since winning the first ever series of LEGO Masters, Nate has gone on to design and build models for DK books and the LEGO Group's social media channels. He lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and son, who don't complain (too much) about his LEGO collection taking over the house.Hannah DolanHannah Dolan is a writer and editor. She has written and created all kinds of bestselling LEGO books, including the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, the LEGO NINJAGO Visual Dictionary, and the LEGO Minifigure Handbook. She is based in Cambridgeshire, where she spends many a weekend building LEGO models with her partner and young son.


書名 / How to Build LEGO Cars
作者 / Nate Dias Hannah Dolan
簡介 / How to Build LEGO Cars:用樂高積木打造自己的夢幻車種!(本書未附樂高積木需另外準備)本書介紹只要使用同一組積木,便可以組裝出三十種以上的車喔!極速跑車、黃色計程車
ISBN13 / 9780241506332
ISBN10 / 0241506336
EAN / 9780241506332
誠品26碼 / 2682358403009
頁數 / 96
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裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 26X20X1.2CM
級別 / N:無


最佳賣點 : 用樂高積木打造自己的夢幻車種!(本書未附樂高積木需另外準備)