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History: The Definitive Visual Guide (New Ed.)

作者 DK
商品描述 History: The Definitive Visual Guide (New Ed.):【DK知識圖鑑:從文明誕生之初至今的歷史】圖文並茂的歷史百科,講述人類文明誕生之初到今天的故事。包含重要關鍵人物,


內容簡介 DK知識圖鑑:從文明誕生之初至今的歷史圖文並茂的歷史百科, 講述人類文明誕生之 初到今天的故事。 包含重要關鍵人物,重要發明與發現 歷史重要事件。 This lavishly illustrated visual encyclopedia tells the story of our world in depth and detail from the dawn of civilization to the present day.Charting human endeavour from every angle, History chronicles the significant events, ground-breaking ideas, political forces, and technological advances that have shaped our planet. Every historical episode is explored and explained with the help of stunning images that bring the authoritative text to life.Important points in history, from the battle of Hastings and the storming of the Bastille to D-Day and 9 11, have clear but concise coverage, together with profiles of influential figures, such as Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and Nelson Mandela.It's time to head back in time and explore the past with this striking history book, which features:- Profiles of key people who have made history- Features on inventions, discoveries, and ideas that changed the world- Graphics lend immediacy and impact to key statistics- National Histories section separately chronicles key events of every countryAs each moment in history is defined and detailed, supporting panels note the causes and consequences, providing wider context and broadening our horizons. New and enhanced coverage of recent events - such as the Arab Spring - and contemporary issues such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, bring the book firmly into the present.With its broad-themed approach to important historical events, this book shows that ours is a history with genes and viruses, not just battle and treaties - and the stories and biographies of men and women from every corner of the globe who have shaped today's world reaffirm that History is the story of humankind in which everyone has a part to play."


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書名 / History: The Definitive Visual Guide (New Ed.)
作者 / DK
簡介 / History: The Definitive Visual Guide (New Ed.):【DK知識圖鑑:從文明誕生之初至今的歷史】圖文並茂的歷史百科,講述人類文明誕生之初到今天的故事。包含重要關鍵人物,
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ISBN10 / 0241600944
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