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KAWS: What Party (Pink Ed.)

作者 Daniel Birnbaum/ Jian DeLeon/ Eugenie Tsai
商品描述 KAWS: What Party (Pink Ed.):KAWS當代藝術創作生涯25年完整回顧!展出KAWS的多種跨界創作,範圍與形式包含平面設計、雕塑、裝置藝術、模型玩具、時尚精品…是KAWS藝術創


內容簡介 KAWS當代藝術創作生涯25年完整回顧What Party桃紅版全球限量發行配合KAWS 於2021年2月26日~9月5日美國布魯克林美術館舉行的個展【KAWS: WHAT PARTY】(https: www.brooklynmuseum.org exhibitions kaws_what_party) 而發行的展覽專書!展出KAWS的多種跨界創作,範圍與形式包含平面設計、雕塑、裝置藝術、模型玩具、時尚精品,是KAWS藝術創作生涯25年極豐富且完整的集大成回顧。A comprehensive monograph on the work of KAWS, one of the most sought-after artists and creative forces of our timeDrawing from Pop art traditions, KAWS's work straddles the line between fine art and popular culture, crossing the mediums of painting and sculpture, along with fashion, merchandise, vinyl toys, and, most recently, augmented reality. This book, made in close collaboration with the artist, features his most well-known works alongside sketches, preparatory drawings, and never-before-seen images of KAWS at work, revealing the meticulous process behind his iconic artworks. Accompanying a major retrospective exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, it captures the artist's unique ability to reshape the ways we think about contemporary art and culture today."


作者介紹 Daniel BirnbaumDaniel Birnbaum is an art critic, curator, and director of Acute Art, a virtual and augmented reality production company.Eugenie TsaiEugenie Tsai is John and Barbara Vogelstein Senior Curator, Contemporary Art at the Brooklyn Museum.


書名 / KAWS: What Party (Pink Ed.)
作者 / Daniel Birnbaum Jian DeLeon Eugenie Tsai
簡介 / KAWS: What Party (Pink Ed.):KAWS當代藝術創作生涯25年完整回顧!展出KAWS的多種跨界創作,範圍與形式包含平面設計、雕塑、裝置藝術、模型玩具、時尚精品…是KAWS藝術創
ISBN13 / 9781838662721
ISBN10 / 1838662723
EAN / 9781838662721
誠品26碼 / 2681974495009
頁數 / 256
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裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 30.5X23.8X0CM
級別 / N:無