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Liam Wong: After Dark

作者 Liam Wong/ Evie Tarr
商品描述 Liam Wong: After Dark:《TO:KY:OO夜行東京》攝影師LiamWong最新攝影作品集《天黑以后》繼2020年發表的《夜行東京TO:KY:OO》以獨特的質感與取景驚豔攝影圈後,睽違兩年Lia


內容簡介 《TO:KY:OO 夜行東京》攝影師 Liam Wong 最新攝影作品集繼2020年發表的《夜行東京 TO:KY:OO》以獨特的質感與取景驚豔攝影圈後,睽違兩年Liam Wong再度推出最新攝影集,聚焦他最迷戀與擅長紀錄的城市夜景,霓虹光芒映照出都會生活喧鬧下複雜的靜寂情緒。An intimate, one-of-a-kind photographic journey that documents Liam Wong’s nocturnal wanderings through the world’s most captivating cities.In this singular photographic publication, Liam Wong weaves together a series of cinematic images that reveal the people and places, the slivers of life, that inhabit the mysterious space of night-time cities. Through his previous work as a videogame designer, Wong learned that ‘real life is just as potent, bizarre and interesting as things we can imagine’. From Hong Kong and Seoul to London and Edinburgh, After Dark reveals shadowy cityscapes through the eyes of the insomniac artist.For centuries, artists have found both solace and fruitfulness in solitude. Through sleepless and solitary nights, After Dark explores the phenomenon of loneliness in city life, capturing urban interstices between dusk and dawn: the eerie emptiness of London’s Piccadilly Circus at 4:00 a.m., Seoul’s late-night taxi drivers moving along hushed roads and birds sharing the warmth of a neon sign in Hong Kong’s TSM District – mysterious silhouettes representing lives lived in shadow, portrayed as intricate cinematic visions, all before the sun rises.Building on the success of his first monograph, TO:KY:OO, Wong widens his lens to capture the night in the world’s most exciting cities. From workers leaving their night shifts to empty streets illuminated by neon signs, Wong charts the hours of darkness as populated scenes become deserted ones. The book’s photography – framed to specific film ratios – is imbued with a cinematic intensity underscored by Wong’s interest in film, while its themes are amplified through specially commissioned Chinese characters that pay homage to the works of celebrated Chinese director Wong Kar Wai.【迷誠品編輯推薦】標題|懷念東京夜晚的樣貌?捕捉入夜後的東京街頭,感受超脫現實的流光溢彩撰文|FLiPER(云 ʕ•͡-•ʔฅ)「日本」、「夜幕」、「都會」、「霓虹」打開搜尋引擎敲上關鍵字,眼前出現的畫面再熟悉不過。記憶裡依稀記得,當時夜幕低垂,日本的街頭盡是霓虹閃爍,點綴在廣告看板和招牌高掛的高樓林立之間,自然而然成了這座城市不可取代的多彩符號。☞點此進入迷誠品閱讀文章


作者介紹 Liam WongLiam Wong is an award-winning freelance art director. Graphic designer, former game developer and now photographer, he is best known for defining, designing and directing visual identities. His first book, the bestselling TO:KY:OO, was published by Volume and Thames & Hudson in 2019.


書名 / Liam Wong: After Dark
作者 / Liam Wong Evie Tarr
簡介 / Liam Wong: After Dark:《TO:KY:OO夜行東京》攝影師LiamWong最新攝影作品集《天黑以后》繼2020年發表的《夜行東京TO:KY:OO》以獨特的質感與取景驚豔攝影圈後,睽違兩年Lia
ISBN13 / 9780500025550
ISBN10 / 050002555X
EAN / 9780500025550
誠品26碼 / 2682237868004
頁數 / 192
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裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 31.5X20X0CM
級別 / N:無


最佳賣點 : TO:KY:OO(夜行東京)攝影家Liam Wong最新攝影作品集。