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YISHU 典藏國際版, 十一月

商品描述 YISHU 典藏國際版, 十一月:CurrentIssueVolume18,Number6,November/December2019:誠品以「人文、藝術、創意、生活」為核心價值,由推廣閱讀出發,並透過線上網路,傳遞博


內容簡介 Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art VOLUME 19, NUMBER 5 6, SEPTEMBER DECEMBER 2020 CONTENTS 2 Editor’s Note 8 Contributors Contemporary Chinese Art: The Ripple Effect Claire Roberts 18 In Retrospect Barbara London 28 Contemporary Chinese Art, Yishu, and Me: A Reflection Wu Hung 40 Who the Hell Is lelnay Oahgnoh? Martina Koppel-Yang 45 Marching Between the Local and the International: The Long March Project and Long March Space Long March Project team: Clement Huang, Shen Jun, Theresa Liang, and Lu Jie 58 The Cooperative Contemporary Jane DeBevoise 74 From Bank of Sand, Sand of Bank to Nova: A Conversation with Hou Hanru on Chinese Art, Criticality, and the International Keith Wallace 83 The Great Leap Forward Karen Smith 94 An Overview of Changing Curatorial Narrative and Self-Positioning Strategies in Chinese Contemporary Art Museums Hsieh Feng-Rong 108 Action Plans Liu Ding and Carol Yinghua Lu 121 As you go .. . roads under your feet, toward the new future Biljana Ciric 134 Decolonizing Aesthetics and Creating Conditions for Aesthetic Biodiversity in the Ecosystem of the Global Contemporary Art World Maya Kovskaya 142 Chinese Name Index 144 Yishu Memory Lane: Table of Contents 2002-2020


商品名 / YISHU 典藏國際版, 十一月
簡介 / YISHU 典藏國際版, 十一月:CurrentIssueVolume18,Number6,November December2019:誠品以「人文、藝術、創意、生活」為核心價值,由推廣閱讀出發,並透過線上網路,傳遞博
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