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商品描述 GLAMOUR (Jan):HolaModaisaSpanishbasedquarterlyfashionandlifestylemagazine.Themagazinearticlescovercurrentnews,fashion,beauty,kitchen,travel,brides,shopping,bei


內容簡介 Hola Moda is a Spanish based quarterly fashion and lifestyle magazine. The magazine articles cover current news, fashion, beauty, kitchen, travel, brides, shopping, being a parent, culture, royalty, film, health and male. Hola Moda magazine follows the latest in celebrity fashion, news and current events. It also prints special issues covering Haute Couture and Prêt-a-Porter fashions on the runways of the major shows. The articles are original, informative and relevant to today’s events. Content is relevant to country of origin. You may also be interested in Hola Moda Haute Couture.


商品名 / GLAMOUR (Jan)
簡介 / GLAMOUR (Jan):HolaModaisaSpanishbasedquarterlyfashionandlifestylemagazine.Themagazinearticlescovercurrentnews,fashion,beauty,kitchen,travel,brides,shopping,bei
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