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作者 Swervedriver
出版社 Bertus Groothandel & Distributie
商品描述 Raise:,'Raise'isthedebutalbumfromtheBritishalt-rockersSwervedriver.This2008re-issueofthealbumisremasteredandcontainsfourbonustracks.'Raise'wasrecordedatTheGre


內容簡介 'Raise' is the debut album from the British alt-rockers Swervedriver. This 2008 re-issue of the album is remastered and contains four bonus tracks. 'Raise' was recorded at The Greenhouse & Falconer Studios and produced by the band, like their prior EP's, including the title tracks from all three. All EP's had received favourable reviews and their singles, 'Son Of Mustang Ford', 'Rave Down' & 'Sandblasted' made their way into the indie and metal charts.In 1991 their full album 'Raise' was praised as one of the 'truly great albums made this year' in the United Kingdom.


書名 / Raise
作者 / Swervedriver
簡介 / Raise:,'Raise'isthedebutalbumfromtheBritishalt-rockersSwervedriver.This2008re-issueofthealbumisremasteredandcontainsfourbonustracks.'Raise'wasrecordedatTheGre
出版社 / Bertus Groothandel & Distributie
ISBN13 /
ISBN10 / 8627225486
EAN / 8718627225486
誠品26碼 / 2681596126008
語言 / 3:英文
級別 / N:無