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高檔貨 (2LP)

作者 侏儸紀5號
出版社 鴻星唱片有限公司
商品描述 Quality Control (2LP):Jurassic5flexedseriousold-to-the-newmusclesinthe90s,beginningwiththeirindependentlyreleasedsingleUnifiedRebelutionin1994,andbook-endingwi


內容簡介 Jurassic 5 flexed serious old-to-the-new muscles in the 90s, beginning with their independently released single Unified Rebelution in 1994, and book-ending with their stellar debut full-length: 2000 s Quality Control. They walked a tightrope between underground and mainstream hip-hop, and toured alongside rap peers as well as punk rockers on the Vans Warped Tour. With double the pleasure of your average hip-hop group two DJs and producers (Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark); and four MCs (Chali 2na, Akil, Marc 7 and Zaakir aka Soup) they brought the late 1970s unison MC style of pioneering groups like the Fantastic 5 and the Force MCs to a new generation.Even more surprisingly, they did so out of Los Angeles, whose hip-hop flavors generally leaned towards Gangsta, G-Funk or Electro lines. Musically inventive and lyrically forward-thinking, each song on Quality Control is a new adventure, exploring engaging territory, delivered via one of the best live hip-hop shows fans had seen in years.From singles like the strutting groove of the title track to the throwback doo-wop samples on The Influence and the catchy, keyboard groove-driven World of Entertainment (WOE Is Me), to deeper album tracks like the lyrical gymnastics of Jurass Finish First and the thought-provoking Lausd, Jurassic 5 consistently stepped to the plate and their fans responded in kind, nearly pushing the album to Gold status. Add the innovative DJ-and-sample workout which closes out the album, Swing Set, and you have one of the 2000s most unique and solid full-length platters.


作者介紹 Jurassic 5/演唱者


書名 / Quality Control (2LP)
作者 / 侏儸紀5號
簡介 / Quality Control (2LP):Jurassic5flexedseriousold-to-the-newmusclesinthe90s,beginningwiththeirindependentlyreleasedsingleUnifiedRebelutionin1994,andbook-endingwi
出版社 / 鴻星唱片有限公司
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ISBN10 / 4425603516
EAN / 0664425603514
誠品26碼 / 2681615926008
語言 / 3:英文
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