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Wee Sing & Learn: ABC (+CD)

作者 Beall, Pamela Conn/ Nipp, Susan Hagen
商品描述 Wee Sing & Learn: ABC (+CD):WeeSing&Learn:ABC(+CD)隨書CD內含28首與英文字母有關的字母之歌。《WeeSing英語童謠系列》認知學習有聲硬頁書共四冊:1.WeeSing&Learn:ABC(


內容簡介 ■曲目The Alphabet Song Abe the Alligator Benny the Bear Carla the CatDudley the Dog Eli the Elephant Frieda the Frog Gladys the Goose Harry the Hippo Ina the Iguana Joey the Jaguar Katy the Kangaroo Louie the Lion Mikey the Monkey Nora the Nightingale Ollie the Owl Penny the Pig Queenie the Quail Rocky the Raccoon Sadie the Seal Tina the Tiger Uzzy the Upland Sandpiper Vinnie the Vulture Wilma the Wolf Xavier the Xenops Yetta the Yak Zelda the Zebra The Alphabet Song


各界推薦 Wee Sing & Learn: ABC (+CD)隨書CD內含28首與英文字母有關的字母之歌。 《Wee Sing英語童謠系列》認知學習有聲硬頁書共四冊: 1. Wee Sing & Learn: ABC (+CD) 2. Wee Sing & Learn: 123 (+CD) 3. Wee Sing & Learn: Color (+CD) 4. Wee Sing & Learn: Dinosaurs(+CD) 《Wee Sing英語童謠系列》收錄各種經典英語童謠、搖籃曲、世界歌曲,適合0-10歲學齡前嬰幼兒於遊戲、睡前、閱讀、親子互動等任何時間使用。在學校、在家裡、出外在車上等各種空間,可以發展英語帶動唱、童謠遊戲等寓教於樂效果。


作者介紹 Susan Hagen Nipp received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in music and a minor in education from Whitworth College, in Spokane, Washington. She has taught high school English, and music on the elementary school level. She lives in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, with her husband Charlie. They have two children.Pamela Conn Beall received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in music and a minor in education from Oregon State University. After college, she became an elementary school music teacher in the Portland area. she currently resides in Lake Oswego, Oregon, with her husband Ron. They have four children.


書名 / Wee Sing & Learn: ABC (+CD)
作者 / Beall, Pamela Conn Nipp, Susan Hagen
簡介 / Wee Sing & Learn: ABC (+CD):WeeSing&Learn:ABC(+CD)隨書CD內含28首與英文字母有關的字母之歌。《WeeSing英語童謠系列》認知學習有聲硬頁書共四冊:1.WeeSing&Learn:ABC(
ISBN13 / 9780843116618
ISBN10 / 0843116617
EAN / 9780843116618
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頁數 / 16
語言 / 3:英文
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