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末代皇帝: 電影原聲帶 (CD)

作者 Byrne, David/ Sakamoto, Ryuichi/ Su, Cong
出版社 Bertus Groothandel & Distributie
商品描述 The Last Emperor: Original Soundtrack (CD):★奧斯卡、金球獎最佳電影原創音樂獎殊榮TheLastEmperor,directorBernardoBertolucci'sepictaleofPuYi,theexiledfinalpotent


內容簡介 ★ 奧斯卡、金球獎最佳電影原創音樂獎殊榮The Last Emperor, director Bernardo Bertolucci's epic tale of Pu Yi, the exiled final potentate of China's 3,000-year old Qing dynasty, was the big winner at the 1988 Academy Awards, taking Oscars for (among others) Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Score. The composing trio of Sakamoto Byrne Su was an unusual one to be sure, but it's clearly Sakamoto who carries the day here. The avant-garde trained former Yellow Magic Orchestra pop mastermind crafted a seamless fusion of grand Western themes, Asian shadings, and his own deliciously distinct timbrel sensibilities; an accessible if deceptively modern classicism. Not surprisingly given his Talking Heads roots, Byrne's efforts are more rhythmic and minimal, yet his consuming passion for world music thoroughly evidences itself as well. His lyric and lilting "Main Title Theme" (one of the film's unusual elements was its use of two main themes by separate composers) may offer a pleasant surprise to listeners overly familiar with his pop work. The composer Cong Su is represented by just one cut; but it's a gentle, ethereal spin on Chinese folk influences that fits well with his fellow composers' work.[Track Listings] 01. First Coronation 02. Open The Door 03. Where Is Armo? 04. Picking Up Brides 05. The Last Emperor (Theme Variation 1) 06. Rain (I Want A Divorce) 07. The Baby (Was Born Dead) 08. The Last Emperor (Theme Variation 2) 09. The Last Emperoror (Theme) 10. Main Title Theme (The Last Emperor) David Byrne 11. Picking A Bride David Byrne 12. Bed David Byrne 13. Wind, Rain And Water David Byrne 14. Paper Emperor David Byrne 15. Lunch Cong Su 16. Red Guard The Red Guard Accordion Band 17. The Emperor's Waltz The Ball Orchestra of Vienna 18. The Red Guard Dance The Girls Red Guard Dancers


書名 / The Last Emperor: Original Soundtrack (CD)
作者 / Byrne, David Sakamoto, Ryuichi Su, Cong
簡介 / The Last Emperor: Original Soundtrack (CD):★奧斯卡、金球獎最佳電影原創音樂獎殊榮TheLastEmperor,directorBernardoBertolucci'sepictaleofPuYi,theexiledfinalpotent
出版社 / Bertus Groothandel & Distributie
ISBN13 /
ISBN10 / 777860292X
EAN / 0077778602927
誠品26碼 / 2631026831002
語言 / 99:無
尺寸 / 14.2X12.5X1CM
級別 / N:無


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