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Little Parsley

作者 Inger Hagerup
出版社 Ingram Publishers Services
商品描述 Little Parsley:1像什麼呢?1是瘦瘦高高的人,2是愛美的女子,9像攀藤的小猴子…,這是IngerHageru--挪威女作家作品,她被認為是20世紀最偉大的挪威詩人之一,擅長用想像


內容簡介 1像什麼呢?1是瘦瘦高高的人,2是愛美的女子,9像攀藤的小猴子…,這是Inger Hageru--挪威女作家作品,她被認為是20世紀最偉大的挪威詩人之一,擅長用想像的心,純真的眼,看世界。她所寫的童詩至今仍廣被挪威孩子傳誦,每個家庭的書櫃都可以看到Hageru的詩集。這本Little Parsley詩集,線條手繪畫清新可愛,筆觸線條豐富,用色單純、鮮明,主題從鞋匠、刺蝟、菊苣到數字等,像孩子的想像一樣,無邊無際。Contemplate a hedgehog's bristles, a crab's bad mood, a pea who believes it was meant to be a butterfly, and ​other wonderful images​ in Inger Hagerup's poems.​Generations of Norwegian children have grown up reading and reciting poems by Inger Hagerup (1905-1985). A​live with sound, shape, and color​, t​he combination of handwritten, informal verse and Paul René Gauguin's avant garde illustration​s​ has proven ​to be an​ irresistible​ and endlessly delightful combination for children and adults a like​.


作者介紹 Inger Hagerup Generations of Norwegian children have grown up reading and reciting poems by Inger Hagerup (1905-1985). She made her literary debut in 1939 with I got Lost in the Woods, a collection of poetry. This was followed by a number of notable collections, like Further (1945) and Verse with the Wind (1958). Involved with in the resistance movement against the Nazis in Norway during World War II, Hagerup is, above all, a poet of love. But she is also a poet of death; many of her best poems circle this subject. In addition to her life as a children's author, she wrote radio plays and reinterpreted Shakespeare and Goethe. Her memoirs A Girl Came Along, What Are You Doing Down Here, and Out Seeking Labour were published in the 60's.


書名 / Little Parsley
作者 / Inger Hagerup
簡介 / Little Parsley:1像什麼呢?1是瘦瘦高高的人,2是愛美的女子,9像攀藤的小猴子…,這是IngerHageru--挪威女作家作品,她被認為是20世紀最偉大的挪威詩人之一,擅長用想像
出版社 / Ingram Publishers Services
ISBN13 / 9781592702862
ISBN10 / 1592702864
EAN / 9781592702862
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語言 / 英文
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