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內容簡介 放心,我會來接你的!爸比—每個小小孩的長腿叔叔 爸爸帶小Matty去幼兒園的路上,車子突然打嗝了,情況不妙!Matty開始擔心:「萬一車子生重病修不好,誰可以來接我放學?」爸爸知道 Matty的擔心,爸爸說:「放心,還有鄰居的大紅拖拉機啊!」「如果拖拉機也累了呢?」,「放心,還有你的紅兔子啊」,「那萬一兔子也…」,「哈,還有你的大飛龍啊!」,「那萬一飛龍也出問題呢?」…爸爸耐心地說:「放心,我的腳很長啊,而且他們永遠不會累,我的腿會搭11路來接你的呀!」The car had trouble starting this morning. It gets Matty to nursery, but what if later it won't start at all... how will Dad pick him up? Matty is very worried.But Dad soon puts Matty's fears to rest with a series of increasingly imaginative suggestions for alternative modes of transport - from a tractor to a dragon, a polar bear to a rowing boat. But, if all else fails, he'll come on foot... because to come and pick up Matty, Dad's legs will never be too tired.Daddy Long Legs is a joyous book with bright, fresh and funny artwork, full of retro charm. With its warm, reassuring feel and the adorably drawn relationship between a father and his child, this makes the perfect book for Father's Day and beyond.

Daddy Long Legs:放心,我會來接你的!爸比—每個小小孩的長腿叔叔 爸爸帶小Matty去幼兒園的路上,車子突然打嗝了,情況不妙!Matty開始擔心:「萬一車子生重病修不好,誰

書名 / Daddy Long Legs
簡介 / Daddy Long Legs:放心,我會來接你的!爸比—每個小小孩的長腿叔叔 爸爸帶小Matty去幼兒園的路上,車子突然打嗝了,情況不妙!Matty開始擔心:「萬一車子生重病修不好,誰
作者 / Nadine Brun-Cosme
出版社 / Two Hoots
誠品26碼 / 2681466106000
ISBN13 / 9781509842711
ISBN10 / 1509842713
EAN / 9781509842711
尺寸 / 28.6X23CM
級別 /
語言 / 英文
頁數 / 32
裝訂 / 精裝