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內容簡介 超級行動派! 我可不是一般的小紅帽 如同大家熟悉的小紅帽劇情,小紅帽被派去森林跑腿、大野狼賊頭賊腦尾隨、虛情假意套話、拙劣地喬裝…。到這,作者Bethan Woollvin喊卡,劃出分水嶺,給予小紅帽新的個性——封面機靈的雙眼說明一切,這個小紅帽可不是一般的小紅帽!不再被動等著獵人救援,當大野狼狂妄地說著「為了要把妳吃掉」的當時,冷靜的小紅帽,斧頭「早就準備好」,自己動手比較快!稍後的畫面是她換上的黑色狼裝…。可憐了,你這隻笨野狼! 簡約拙趣的粗線條,只用黑色和紅色,讓讀者可以仔細觀察小紅帽輕巧機靈的眼神,強烈對比大野狼巨大又藏不住的拙笨!Chosen as one of The New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books 2016 Little Red Riding Hood meets a wolf on her way through the woods to visit her sick grandmother. The wolf is hungry, and Red Riding Hood looks tasty, so he hatches a dastardly plan, gobbles up Grandma and lies in wait. So far, so familiar. But this Little Red Riding Hood is not easily fooled, and this big bad wolf better watch his back. In this defiant interpretation of the traditional tale, the cheeky, brave little girl seizes control of her own story (and the wolf gets rather more than he bargained for). The perfect gift for fans of darker fairy tales, complete with tree-shaped cover flaps that make this a sumptuous sight to behold. Printed using rich pantone colours, the graphic illustrations in Little Red offer a bold, visually arresting interpretation of the classic story by Bethan Woollvin, the winner of The Macmillan Prize for Illustration 2014.

Little Red:超級行動派!我可不是一般的小紅帽如同大家熟悉的小紅帽劇情,小紅帽被派去森林跑腿、大野狼賊頭賊腦尾隨、虛情假意套話、拙劣地喬裝…。到這,作者BethanWool

書名 / Little Red
簡介 / Little Red:超級行動派!我可不是一般的小紅帽如同大家熟悉的小紅帽劇情,小紅帽被派去森林跑腿、大野狼賊頭賊腦尾隨、虛情假意套話、拙劣地喬裝…。到這,作者BethanWool
作者 / Bethan Woollvin
出版社 / Two Hoots
誠品26碼 / 2681466105003
ISBN13 / 9781447291404
ISBN10 / 1447291409
EAN / 9781447291404
級別 /
語言 / 英文
頁數 / 32
裝訂 / 平裝
尺寸 / 25X25CM