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Ha-ha! Made You Laugh!

作者 Stephanie Babin
商品描述 Ha-ha! Made You Laugh!:Getreadytolaughoutloud!Scratchthestripesofthezebra.Canyouguesswhatwillhappen?Openthebigflap...ohno!Thezebra'sstripesareallscratchedoff!T


內容簡介 哈哈,「笑」到你了!厚紙板翻翻遊戲書 刮一刮斑馬身上的條紋,小朋友作勢刮阿刮,﹙翻頁﹚哇哈哈,黑色條紋不見了,變成白色斑馬了耶,有點搞笑吧;對著青蛙送個飛吻吧,下一秒,哈,青蛙果然變成王子了呢;再吹一吹三隻小豬的草屋,吹吹吹,啊,吹太大力了,小豬全都飛走啦,你果然是勇猛的大野狼耶。逗趣幽默,讓你大笑的互動翻翻書,共10個跨頁,讓小朋友模擬各項動作,如搔癢、做鬼臉、飛吻…等,和故事中的主角互動,翻頁驚喜讓孩子捧腹大笑。 Get ready to laugh out loud! Scratch the stripes of the zebra. Can you guess what will happen? Open the big flap . . . oh no! The zebra's stripes are all scratched off! Tap on a camel's hump . . . what happens? Open the big flap . . . one of its humps has disappeared! In this side-splittingly funny book that focuses on physical humor, kids will tickle, make a face, or blow a kiss―a different action on each spread―then lift the big flaps to reveal the unexpected and ridiculous results! An exceptionally silly book that every child will want to read again and again!


作者介紹 Stéphanie Babin is an author of books for young children, particularly nonfiction and interactive titles. She lives in Paris, France.Vincent Mathy is an illustrator who studied sequential art at the Institut Saint Luc in Brussels. He has illustrated about 30 books for publishers all over the world, as well as posters, stationery, T-shirts, and game packaging. He lives in Liège, Belgium.


書名 / Ha-ha! Made You Laugh!
作者 / Stephanie Babin
簡介 / Ha-ha! Made You Laugh!:Getreadytolaughoutloud!Scratchthestripesofthezebra.Canyouguesswhatwillhappen?Openthebigflap...ohno!Thezebra'sstripesareallscratchedoff!T
ISBN13 / 9782408007959
ISBN10 / 240800795X
EAN / 9782408007959
誠品26碼 / 2681693908002
語言 / 英文
材質 /
尺寸 / 20.3X20.3X2CM
級別 /
頁數 / 22
裝訂 / 精裝