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The Boscombe Valley Mystery (+MP3)

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商品描述 The Boscombe Valley Mystery (+MP3):“Youmustn’talwaysbelieveobviousfacts.”「你不能總是相信表面的真相。」SherlockHolmesandDrWatsonareintheBoscombeValleytoinve


內容簡介 “You mustn’t always believe obvious facts.”「你不能總是相信表面的真相。」Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are in the Boscombe Valley to investigate a murder. James McCarthy’s father is found dead by the Boscombe Valley Pool and many people think that young James is the murderer. But there is one person who believes that James McCarthy is innocent. 夏洛克‧福爾摩斯和華生醫生到波士堪谷調查一樁謀殺案。詹姆士‧麥卡錫的父親被發現陳屍於波士堪湖岸邊,許多人認為年輕的詹姆士就是兇手。然而,卻有一個人堅信他是無辜的。Can Sherlock Holmes help solve another mystery? Can he find the real murderer?福爾摩斯有辦法解開又一個謎團嗎?他能否揪出真正的兇手?適合程度:CEF A1, Cambridge KET, Headwords: 400, 全民英檢初級◎About this Book單元: 分別提供學生與老師的語言學習或教學提示,並有本書文法結構要點。◎Before Reading After Reading: 閱讀前 後各有問題提問與練習,幫助理解作品內容並培養賞析 與批判思考能力。◎精選深受青少年喜愛的經典名著,或專為青少年所寫的有趣故事。◎依據CEF分級閱讀,讓英文學習精準到位。◎附有CD光碟,同時訓練閱讀與聽力技巧,還有聽力練習活動。◎配合本書學習,提供免費的教學資源,包括練習單、解答及聽力練習原稿。


作者介紹 ■作者簡介Arthur Conan Doyle亞瑟‧柯南道爾Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was the inventor of Sherlock Holmes, the world’s most famous fictional detective. Doyle was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1859. He worked as a doctor but he had a passion for writing stories. In 1891 he decided to become a fulltime writer. His first story was a novel called A Study in Scarlet. He then wrote a series of short stories called The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which were published in instalments by The Strand Magazine. “The Boscombe Valley Mystery” was one of these short stories. Conan Doyle wrote 56 Sherlock Holmes stories in total. The public loved them, and wanted to read more about Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend, Dr Watson. Conan Doyle died in 1930. Sherlock Holmes’s fictional house in Baker Street is now a museum.Helbling Languages/編


產品目錄 About the Author About the Book Before Reading 1 A telegram from Sherlock Holmes 2 The Boscombe Valley murder 3 James McCarthy’s statement 4 We meet Miss Alice Turner 5 Holmes and Lestrade take the night train 6 Holmes is back with a story 7 Lestrade gets angry 8 Holmes follows the trail 9 A murderer’s footprints 10 Holmes solves the mystery 11 Holmes asks Watson’s advice 12 Mr John Turner speaks 13 A murderer’s story After Reading


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簡介 / The Boscombe Valley Mystery (+MP3):“Youmustn’talwaysbelieveobviousfacts.”「你不能總是相信表面的真相。」SherlockHolmesandDrWatsonareintheBoscombeValleytoinve
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