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內容簡介 紅色車變綠色車! 拉頁變色硬頁書有很多有趣的東西是紅色的,有什麼呢?蘋果、消防車、小狐狸,還有紅色車子呀!車子有拉頁,往下拉,變綠色,跑出一隻鱷魚司機!接著下一頁就是介紹綠色囉,有豆子、樹和綠色車。綠色車的拉頁一拉變黃色車,來到了黃色世界,那是太陽的顏色,有香蕉、挖土機、乳酪…,再來是像游泳池一樣的藍色,最後是鸚鵡司機開的格子塗鴉多彩車喔! Red Car, Green Car is a surprise-packed, imaginative way for pre-schoolers to learn about color, with clever acetate pictures that change at the pull of a tab.Each double-page spread has illustrations of fun things associated with the color, and a playful, rhyming narrative that children will love to join in with. Then guess what color is coming next? Pull the tab and watch the color of the car magically change and reveal an unexpected driver.Kids will love deciding which color is their favorite, while learning exciting new vocabulary.

Red Car, Green Car:紅色車變綠色車!拉頁變色硬頁書有很多有趣的東西是紅色的,有什麼呢?蘋果、消防車、小狐狸,還有紅色車子呀!車子有拉頁,往下拉,變綠色,跑出一隻

書名 / Red Car, Green Car
簡介 / Red Car, Green Car:紅色車變綠色車!拉頁變色硬頁書有很多有趣的東西是紅色的,有什麼呢?蘋果、消防車、小狐狸,還有紅色車子呀!車子有拉頁,往下拉,變綠色,跑出一隻
作者 / Roger Priddy
出版社 / Priddy Books US
誠品26碼 / 2681471743009
ISBN13 / 9780312521615
ISBN10 / 0312521618
EAN / 9780312521615
裝訂 / 兒童厚紙版書
頁數 / 10
語言 / 英文
級別 /
尺寸 / 17.8X17.8CM