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Love Phonics 1: The Alphabet (附2CD 1DVD)

作者 東西圖書編輯部/ 編
出版社 成陽出版股份有限公司
商品描述 Love Phonics 1: The Alphabet (附2CD 1DVD):內含:一書+3CD+1DVD+1海報+1手冊最佳的幼兒發音學習系列學發音是可以簡單又有趣的,搭配可愛的插畫、真實的圖片,真實的聲音



內容簡介 LOVE Phonics 1 The Alphabet: 介紹大小寫字母Aa~Zz筆順及相關單字共52個,包含基礎句型練習與字形著色;CD收錄豐富唸謠和字母英文故事, DVD以精彩的動畫呈現內容教學, 書後附有字圖卡 特殊油墨觸覺海報,作為情境佈置隨時複習。內含:一書 + 3CD + 1DVD + 1海報 + 1手冊最佳的幼兒發音學習系列學發音是可以簡單又有趣的,搭配可愛的插畫、真實的圖片,真實的聲音,朗朗上口的歌曲和唸謠,和有趣的活動,LOVE Phonics系列使讓孩子開心地融入英語發音。加上音樂CD和DVD動畫,英語學習變得自然。字卡的遊戲和海報給孩子們一個動手做的經驗,提高學習興趣。此外,IPEN的設計有助於孩子的學習正確的讀音。孔子曾經說過,“我聽到了,我知道了。我明白了,我還記得。我這樣做,我明白了,LOVE Phonics運用這種學習理念。動手做,就能輕鬆上手!Teach Phonics by StorytellingLOVE Phonics系列以情境式的繪本插圖規格,配合劇場式的故事錄音,讓孩子從充滿想像的故事出發,運用諧音與聯想,成功串聯字母、發音、單字之間的連結。英文字母故事內容另收錄於CD,方便使用、值得擁有。每輯內容物皆可點讀,擁有LOVE Phonics,哪裡都是發音的教室!快來一起翻轉Phonics學習。


作者介紹 ■作者簡介東西圖書編輯部■繪者簡介王庭昀


產品目錄 Unit 1 Aa Unit 2 Bb Unit 3 Cc Unit 4 Dd Review 1 Unit 5 Ee Unit 6 Ff Unit 7 GgReview 2Unit 8 HhUnit 9 Ii Unit 10 Jj Review 3 Unit 11 Kk Unit 12 LlUnit 13 Mm Review 4 Unit 14 Nn Unit 15 Oo Unit 16 PpUnit 17 Qq Review 5Unit 18 Rr Unit 19 Ss Unit 20 Tt Review 6 Unit 21 Uu Unit 22 Vv Unit 23 Ww Review 7 Unit 24 Xx Unit 25 Yy Unit 26 Zz Review 8 Big Review ABC CardsABC Poster


書名 / Love Phonics 1: The Alphabet (附2CD 1DVD)
作者 / 東西圖書編輯部 編
簡介 / Love Phonics 1: The Alphabet (附2CD 1DVD):內含:一書+3CD+1DVD+1海報+1手冊最佳的幼兒發音學習系列學發音是可以簡單又有趣的,搭配可愛的插畫、真實的圖片,真實的聲音
出版社 / 成陽出版股份有限公司
ISBN13 / 9789866146718
ISBN10 / 9866146715
EAN / 9789866146718
誠品26碼 / 2681375437004
裝訂 / 平裝
頁數 / 90
語言 / 中文 繁體
級別 /
尺寸 / 25X25CM


產品試閱 : 前言

Dear Parents and Teachers:

LOVE Phonics Series is designed to help children who have just begun to learn English to build up the foundation of English pronunciation step by step in a fun and easy way.

The series includes two steps and six books. Step 1 is aimed to build up the basic knowledge of phonics, which are 1. The Alphabet, 2. The Consonants, and 3. The Short Vowels. Step 2 is meant to beef up the ability of phonics, which are 4. The Short Vowel Word Families and Consonant Blends, 5. The Vowel Pairs and Consonant Digraphs, and 6. More Vowel Pairs.

LOVE Phonics 1. The Alphabet is divided into 26 units to introduce the names and shapes of the letters Aa to Zz with 52 related basic vocabulary; and also, there are fun exercises within each unit and a review after every three to four units.

The Letters

Learn the letter shapes and names by tracing the letters and listening to the CD. Kids can also learn the related abc words with the pictures.

The Words

Review the letter names and related abc words with the rhythmic beats on the CD. Kids can easily remember everything by chanting.

The Exercise

Enhance the recognition of the letter shapes with the unit exercise of coloring or circling the letters.

The Review

Review activities are arranged after every three to four units. Kids can practice more what they have learned.

When learning a language, before any output, it is important to have a great deal of listening input and to be able to recognize the letters. Therefore, LOVE Phonics has included many listening resources such as CD, DVD, and iPen, to help children get used to and adopt the sounds of the language. With all the specific fun designs, we hope to make phonics learning easy, enjoyable and natural for children.

Editorial Department

LOVE English Book