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內容簡介 Macmillan's Young Learners English Skills series gives practice of the skills, vocabulary and grammar used in the Cambridge English Young Learners English (YLE) tests. This three-part book provides student-centred and effective practice of all the language and language skills needed to do well in the Cambridge English YLE tests at Starters Movers Flyers level. •To increase children's skills base Part 1 contains a variety of fun, motivating and practical recycling activities that any teacher can use to review and consolidate Starters Movers Flyers vocabulary and language structures. •Within Part 2 there are incrementally progressive activities designed to develop and prepare pupils step-by-step for the Starters Movers Flyers Test. •Part 3 combines themes, vocabulary and grammar in exam-style activities to ensure that children are fully equipped with the skills needed to take the YLE tests. For teachers An accompanying Teacher's Book includes full teaching guidance, audio script and keys, Cambridge English YLE structures and vocabulary lists as well as photocopiable resources. A webcode gives access to a Teachers' Website with tailor-made exam-style activities for extra practice, and a full colour Starters Movers Flyers Practice Test for the Listening, Reading & Writing and Speaking papers.


作者介紹 ■作者簡介Sandra Fox

Macmillan YLE Starters Skills Pupil's Book (+CD):Macmillan'sYoungLearnersEnglishSkillsseriesgivespracticeoftheskills,vocabularyandgrammarusedintheCambridgeEngl

書名 / Macmillan YLE Starters Skills Pupil's Book (+CD)
簡介 / Macmillan YLE Starters Skills Pupil's Book (+CD):Macmillan'sYoungLearnersEnglishSkillsseriesgivespracticeoftheskills,vocabularyandgrammarusedintheCambridgeEngl
作者 / Sandra Fox
出版社 / Macmillan Education
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ISBN13 / 9780230448995
ISBN10 / 0230448992
EAN / 9780230448995
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語言 / 英文
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