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作者 邁可.貝達
出版社 Penguin Random House LLC
商品描述 Emily:愛蜜莉.狄瑾蓀小姐(1830-1886)是十九世紀美國的一位女詩人,這本書由一個小女孩自述的角度做為橋樑,帶領我們進入這位詩人的生活和心靈世界。:誠品以「人文、


內容簡介 愛蜜莉.狄瑾蓀小姐(1830-1886)是十九世紀美國的一位女詩人,這本書由一個小女孩自述的角度做為橋樑,帶領我們進入這位詩人的生活和心靈世界。


作者介紹 Michael Bedard was born and raised in Toronto, where he still lives. His novels include Stained Glass, A Darker Magic, Painted Devil, and Redwork, which received the Governor General’s Literary Award and the Canadian Library Association’s Book of the Year Award for Children. He has also written several acclaimed picture books, including The Clay Ladies, which received the Toronto IODE Book Award, and Emily, a story about Emily Dickinson, illustrated by Barbara Cooney.Barbara Cooney traveled the world, lived in a house by the sea in Maine, and made the world more beautiful through her art. She was a two-time Caldecott Medal winner, for Chanticleer and the Fox in 1959 and Ox-Cart Man in 1980. Her beloved book Miss Rumphius was the winner of the American Book Award in 1982. Barbara Cooney died in 2000 at the age of eighty-two.


書名 / Emily
作者 / 邁可.貝達
簡介 / Emily:愛蜜莉.狄瑾蓀小姐(1830-1886)是十九世紀美國的一位女詩人,這本書由一個小女孩自述的角度做為橋樑,帶領我們進入這位詩人的生活和心靈世界。:誠品以「人文、
出版社 / Penguin Random House LLC
ISBN13 / 9780440417408
ISBN10 / 0440417406
EAN / 9780440417408
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