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作者 Uri Shulevitz
出版社 Macmillan Publishing Services
商品描述 Snow:Snowisa1998NewYorkTimesOutstandingBookoftheYearanda1999CaldecottHonorBook."It'ssnowing,saidboywithdog."It'sonlyasnowflake,"saidgrandfatherwithbeard.Noonet


內容簡介 Snow is a 1998 New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year and a 1999 Caldecott Honor Book."It's snowing, said boy with dog."It's only a snowflake," said grandfather with beard.No one thinks one or two snowflakes will amount to anything. Not the man with the hat or the lady with the umbrella. Not even the television or the radio forecasters. But one boy and his dog have faith that the snow will amount to something spectacular, and when flakes start to swirl down on the city, they are also the only ones who know how to truly enjoy it. Uri Shulevitz' playful depiction of a snowy day and the transformation of a city is perfectly captured in simple, poetic text and lively watercolor and pen-and-ink illustrations.


作者介紹 Uri Shulevitz is a Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator and author. He was born in Warsaw, Poland, on February 27, 1935. He began drawing at the age of three and, unlike many children, never stopped. The Warsaw blitz occurred when he was four years old, and the Shulevitz family fled. For eight years they were wanderers, arriving, eventually, in Paris in 1947. There Shulevitz developed an enthusiasm for French comic books, and soon he and a friend started making their own. At thirteen, Shulevitz won first prize in an all-elementary-school drawing competition in Paris's 20th district. In 1949, the family moved to Israel, where Shulevitz worked a variety of jobs: an apprentice at a rubber-stamp shop, a carpenter, and a dog-license clerk at Tel Aviv City Hall. He studied at the Teachers' Institute in Tel Aviv, where he took courses in literature, anatomy, and biology, and also studied at the Art Institute of Tel Aviv. At fifteen, he was the youngest to exhibit in a group drawing show at the Tel Aviv Museum.At 24 he moved to New York City, where he studied painting at Brooklyn Museum Art School and drew illustrations for a publisher of Hebrew books. One day while talking on the telephone, he noticed that his doodles had a fresh and spontaneous look--different from his previous illustrations. This discovery was the beginning of Uri's new approach to his illustrations forThe Moon in My Room, his first book, published in 1963. Since then he was written and illustrated many celebrated children's books. He won the Caldecott Medal forThe Fool of the World and the Flying Ship, written by Arthur Ransome. He has also earned three Caldecott Honors, forThe Treasure, Snow and How I Learned Geography. His other books includeOne Monday Morning, Dawn, So Sleepy Story,and many others. He also wrote the instructional guideWriting with Pictures: How to Write and Illustrate Children's Books. He lives in New York City.


書名 / Snow
作者 / Uri Shulevitz
簡介 / Snow:Snowisa1998NewYorkTimesOutstandingBookoftheYearanda1999CaldecottHonorBook."It'ssnowing,saidboywithdog."It'sonlyasnowflake,"saidgrandfatherwithbeard.Noonet
出版社 / Macmillan Publishing Services
ISBN13 / 9780374468620
ISBN10 / 0374468621
EAN / 9780374468620
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