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Nursery Rhyme Reader (12冊合售 附CD)

作者 Scholastic
出版社 Scholastic Malaysia
商品描述 Nursery Rhyme Reader (12冊合售 附CD):由美國說唱故事大師─麥可爺爺Dr.MikeLockett錄製的童謠套組來囉!喜歡音樂、喜歡聽故事的小讀者一定會喜歡這套童謠套組,套組內共


內容簡介 由美國說唱故事大師─麥可爺爺Dr. Mike Lockett錄製的童謠套組來囉!喜歡音樂、喜歡聽故事的小讀者一定會喜歡這套童謠套組,套組內共有12本小書,收錄了經典的童謠故事,一本書就是一首歌謠,以全彩插圖讓孩子理解歌詞寓意。CD則由美國說唱故事大師─麥可爺爺Dr. Mike Lockett錄製,麥可爺爺會先帶著孩子朗讀歌詞後,再跟著音樂一起唱出歌謠,幫助孩子快樂學英文。A collection of classic books that promotes phonemic awareness and builds the foundation for reading successClap your hands and join in the fun of an enchanted world of Nursery Rhymes!Reading and sing along with Dr. Mike Lockett, a leading professional storyteller. With classic nursery rhymes perfectly accompanied by engaging and expressive reading, delightful tunes and creative sound effects, this box is a must have for every child!1. Hey, Diddle, Diddle2. Hickory, Dickory, Dock3. Humpty Dumpty4. It's Raining. It's Pouring5. Jack and Jill6. Little Boy Blue7. Little Jack Horner8. Little Miss Muffet9. Mary Had a Little Lamb10. The Itsy Bitsy Spider11. There Was an Old Woman12. This Little Piggy


作者介紹 Scholastic


書名 / Nursery Rhyme Reader (12冊合售 附CD)
作者 / Scholastic
簡介 / Nursery Rhyme Reader (12冊合售 附CD):由美國說唱故事大師─麥可爺爺Dr.MikeLockett錄製的童謠套組來囉!喜歡音樂、喜歡聽故事的小讀者一定會喜歡這套童謠套組,套組內共
出版社 / Scholastic Malaysia
ISBN13 / 9555717700626
ISBN10 / 5717700628
EAN / 9555717700626
誠品26碼 / 2681780686004
重量(g) / 280
裝訂 / 平裝
語言 / 英文
級別 /