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Last Seen Alive

作者 Claire Douglas
商品描述 Last Seen Alive:英國驚悚小天后ClaireDouglas震撼文壇之作「令人毛骨悚然及扭曲的故事情節。」─暢銷書《關上門以後》作者B.A.芭莉絲「每一頁都讓你無法預料,如果你也熱


內容簡介 英國驚悚小天后Claire Douglas震撼文壇之作「令人毛骨悚然及扭曲的故事情節。」─暢銷書《關上門以後》作者B. A. 芭莉絲「每一頁都讓你無法預料,如果你也熱愛《列車上的女孩》,絕對不容錯過!」─《美麗佳人》她以為她可以逃Libby Hall需要逃離生活上的一切,交換房屋這個點子,對她簡直是一種絕佳機會。她與丈夫Jamie決定將他們窄小的公寓與位在康瓦爾擁有靜僻美麗海港的小屋做交換。然而她卻躲不了當Libby以為她能藉由旅行修復破碎的婚姻,卻意外發現小屋中的古怪之處。很快地平靜生活換取的是一種被隔離的危險感受,孤單無助感襲捲而來,又是誰在暗處默默監視他們的一舉一動?因為有人發現她的秘密Jamie到底在隱藏什麼?還是這一切都是Libby的想像?為什麼這間小屋帶給兩人如此不堪的回憶?恐怖的回憶讓Libby不計代價想埋藏一切,讓她再度想起某個夜晚,見到好友生前的最後一面…還有他所做的一切。 Grippingly claustrophobic and unpredictable on every page: perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train' Marie Claire'Brilliant. Twisty, exciting yet so very real.' Gillian McAllister, Sunday Times bestselling author of Everything But the TruthTHE HEROLibby Hall never really wanted to be noticed. But after she saves the children in her care from a fire, she finds herself headline news. And Horrified by the attention. It all reminds her of what happened nine years ago. The last time she saw her best friend alive.THE SWAPWhich Is why the house swap is such a godsend. Libby and her husband Jamie exchange their flat in Bath for a beautiful, secluded house in Cornwall. It's a chance to heal their marriage - to stop its secrets tearing them apart.THE HIDEAWAYBut this stylish Cornish home isn't the getaway they'd hoped for. They make odd, even disturbing, discoveries in the house. It's so isolated - yet Libby doesn't feel entirely alone. As if she's being watched.Is Libby being paranoid?What is her husband hiding?As the secrets and lies come tumbling out, is the past about to catch up with them?


作者介紹 Claire Douglas


書名 / Last Seen Alive
作者 / Claire Douglas
簡介 / Last Seen Alive:英國驚悚小天后ClaireDouglas震撼文壇之作「令人毛骨悚然及扭曲的故事情節。」─暢銷書《關上門以後》作者B.A.芭莉絲「每一頁都讓你無法預料,如果你也熱
ISBN13 / 9781405926423
ISBN10 / 1405926422
EAN / 9781405926423
誠品26碼 / 2681468731002
尺寸 / 19.8X12.9CM
裝訂 / 平裝
頁數 / 400
語言 / 英文
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