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內容簡介 Hermès愛馬仕是來自法國的時尚品牌,自1987年開始,每一年愛馬仕都會選擇一個新的圖樣來代表下一年度的設計核心,當初這個活動是為了慶祝品牌創立50周年,但漸漸地演變了每年受到各界期待的重點活動,藉此愛馬仕展示了其品牌的驕傲以及未來設計的展望。2018年的主題是「Let’s Play」,play代表了行動、自由、想像、幻象、誘惑、輕盈,藉此主題愛馬仕設計了這本立體書,其中收錄了14款招牌絲巾的圖樣,有經典款也有近期發表的新款,以紙雕藝術的方式呈現,每一張都有不同的機關,讓愛馬仕細緻的圖樣設計再次躍於紙上,讓讀者可以更立體地欣賞這14種精彩圖樣。Gorgeous paper constructions expand on Hermès' scarf designs in this luxury pop-up bookEvery year, the iconic luxury brand Hermès chooses a new theme to celebrate its creative direction for the upcoming year. This practice began in 1987, marking the brand's 150th anniversary, and has since become a beloved tradition―a way to combine the house's proud, storied heritage with its creative vision for the future.Hermès' Year Theme for 2018 is "Let's Play," and the brand is celebrating in style with this new, deluxe pop-up book. Featuring a selection of 14 of the house's iconic square scarf designs, both old and more recent, this book brings the designs alive with exhilarating ingenuity. Delicate paper constructions bring out the depth and volume within the scarf designs; zebras rear up, delicately arching trees grow from the page and painterly strokes detach themselves from the paper surface. This is the Hermès carré as you've never seen it before.For Hermès, a brand associated with the highest quality luxury materials and design, "play is movement, freedom, imagination, fantasy, seduction, lightness." Impeccably produced, Hermès Pop Up gives readers the chance to play around in the brand's archives.

Hermès Pop Up:Hermès愛馬仕是來自法國的時尚品牌,自1987年開始,每一年愛馬仕都會選擇一個新的圖樣來代表下一年度的設計核心,當初這個活動是為了慶祝品牌創立50周年,

書名 / Hermès Pop Up
簡介 / Hermès Pop Up:Hermès愛馬仕是來自法國的時尚品牌,自1987年開始,每一年愛馬仕都會選擇一個新的圖樣來代表下一年度的設計核心,當初這個活動是為了慶祝品牌創立50周年,
作者 / Patrick Thomas
出版社 / Actes Sud
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