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內容簡介 現代主義最知名的學校--德國包浩斯學校最暢銷的指南!德國的包浩斯學校自1919年成立,在1933年受到納粹政權逼迫之下而關閉,這短短14年間,包浩斯學校的現代主義有相當顯著的發展,甚至進而影響到電影、劇場、雕刻等領域,現在的包浩斯不僅代表這間學校,更是現代主義的總稱。本書包浩斯博物館合作編寫,加入許多文件、研究、照片,將包浩斯學校所歷經過的三個時期(魏瑪、德紹、柏林)中的創作理念紀錄下來,也收錄了許多學生的作品,例如畫家Paul Klee的手稿、畫家、雕刻家Marianne Brandt的菸灰缸和建築草圖等。透過這本書,讀者們可以更了解引領現代主義的包浩斯學校,以及其中孕育出來的創造活力、延伸出的影響。Best of BauhausThe best-selling reference work of Modernism’s most famous school in a revised and updated editionIn a fleeting 14-year period between two world wars, Germany’s Bauhaus school of art and design changed the face of modernity. With utopian ideals for the future, the school developed a pioneering fusion of fine art, craftsmanship, and technology which they applied across media and practices, from film to theater, sculpture to ceramics.This book is made in collaboration with the Bauhaus-Archiv Museum für Gestaltung in Berlin, the world’s largest collection on the history of the Bauhaus. Documents, studies, new photography, sketches, plans, new photography and models record not only the realized works but also the leading principles and personalities of this idealistic creative community through its three successive locations in Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin. From informal shots of group gymnastics to drawings guided by Paul Klee, from extensive architectural plans to an infinitely sleek ashtray by Marianne Brandt, the collection brims with the colors, materials, and geometries that made up the Bauhaus vision of a “total” work of art.As we approach the Bauhaus centennial, this is a defining account of its energy and rigor, not only as a trailblazing movement in modernism but also as a paradigm of art education, where creative expression and cutting-edge ideas led to simultaneously functional and beautiful creations. Featured artists include Josef Albers, Marianne Brandt, Walter Gropius, Gertrud Grunow, Paul Klee, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Lilly Reich.


書名 / Bauhaus
簡介 / Bauhaus:現代主義最知名的學校──德國包浩斯學校最暢銷的指南!德國的包浩斯學校自1919年成立,在1933年受到納粹政權逼迫之下而關閉,這短短14年間,包浩斯學校的現代主
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