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讓他再也離不開妳: 壞女人的迷人配方

作者 雪莉.亞戈芙
商品描述 Why Men Marry Bitches:《洛杉磯時報》、《花花公子》使壞推薦《壞女人有人愛》作者雪莉‧亞戈芙再度教妳調配專屬個人魅力,使妳對一段感情為何停滯不前有不同的了解,並


內容簡介 Love and marriage, romance and intimacy...everybody wants it, but it seems only the select few get it. Never shy and always laugh-out-loud funny, Sherry Argov’s Why Men Marry Bitches is a sharp-witted manifesto that shows women how to transform a casual relationship into a committed one.Dating can feel like a contact sport and modern mating rituals can be impossible to decode, with little consensus on the rules of engagement and both sides tired of the game. What’s an intelligent woman looking for a devoted relationship to do? Glad you asked… With the grittiest of girlfriend-to-girlfriend confidence, Argov removes the kid gloves (knocking off your rose-colored glasses in the process) and explains why being extra nice won’t necessarily get you that wedding you’ve always dreamed of, and is more likely a sure path to disappointment. Going directly to the source in candid interviews, she shares an enlightening look into the psychology of the male mind. Insightful, empowering and hysterical, this indispensable guide will reveal in honest detail: *How do men manipulate a relationship to keep it casual? *Do men deliberately push women’s emotional buttons? *How can she convince him commitment was his idea? *How can she invite a proposal without saying a word? More than a self-help manual, this is a life skills handbook that both men and women can relate to, whether single, newly courting, recently separated or ready to embark on the next level of commitment in a current relationship. Why Men Marry Bitches will reveal how to set healthy boundaries, embrace your independence and take charge of your own happiness, so that you exude the kind of sexy confidence that will win his heart and get the love, respect, and loving relationship you deserve.


各界推薦 《洛杉磯時報》、《花花公子》 使壞推薦 《壞女人有人愛》作者雪莉‧亞戈芙再度教妳調配專屬個人魅力,使妳對一段感情為何停滯不前有不同的了解,並對男人如何挑選終身伴侶有更跟得上時代的想法,讓妳展現自信,贏得他的心,獲得屬於妳的愛與尊重。唯有過好妳的人生、掌握妳的目標和展現出妳的毅力,才能使妳成為他戒不掉的最愛,讓他甘願被妳套牢,再也離不開妳!


書名 / Why Men Marry Bitches
作者 / 雪莉.亞戈芙
簡介 / Why Men Marry Bitches:《洛杉磯時報》、《花花公子》使壞推薦《壞女人有人愛》作者雪莉‧亞戈芙再度教妳調配專屬個人魅力,使妳對一段感情為何停滯不前有不同的了解,並
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