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Typography Essentials

作者 Ina Saltz
出版社 Quarto Publishing Group US
商品描述 Typography Essentials:,{:name=>"內容簡介",:description=>"Adeepunderstandingofletterformsandknowledgeoftheireffectiveusecanonlybeobtainedwithconstantobservatio


內容簡介 A deep understanding of letterforms and knowledge of their effective use can only be obtained with constant observation and experimentation; it evolves over a lifetime of design practice and study. This comprehensive guide is intended to advance the progress of designers seeking to deepen their typographic expertise. Typography Essentials is a practical, hands-on resource to distill, organize, and compartmentalize—but not to oversimplify—the many complex issues surrounding the effective use of typography. It is for designers of every medium in which type plays a major role, and is organized and designed to make the process enjoyable and entertaining, as well as instructional.New in paperback, this book is divided into four easy-to-use sections: The Letter, The Word, The Paragraph, and The Page. Each of the 100 principles has an explanation and examples representing the principle in action.


作者介紹 Ina Saltz is an art director, designer, writer, photographer, and professor (at The City College of New York) whose areas of expertise are typography and editorial publication design. She has written more than 50 articles on design and typography, contributed to 5 books by Steven Heller, and authored 15 essays for Phaidon's Archive of Graphic Design. She currently teaches classes on the business website Lynda.com, where she has close to 2 million viewers, and more than 150,000 followers that she would love to tell about this book! www.lynda.com Ina-Saltz 450560-1.html Ina served as the Design Director at Time magazine (International Editions), Worth magazine, Golf magazine, and others. She was one of the first art directors to work on a computer at Time Inc.'s Teletext Project. Ina frequently lectures on topics related to magazine design and typography and has chaired, co-chaired, and judged numerous design and typography competitions. She is a two-term board member of the Type Directors Club. Ina is the author of the Body Type series of books on typographic tattoos, as well as Typography Essentials: 100 Design Principles for Working with Type. She is a co-author of Typography Referenced: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to the Language, History and Practice of Typography, named one of the best reference books of 2012 across all subject matter by the American Library Association. Ina lives in New York City. Her favorite typefaces are Requiem, Bickham Script, and Franklin Gothic No. 2 and her favorite characters are &, Q, Z, and R.


書名 / Typography Essentials
作者 / Ina Saltz
簡介 / Typography Essentials:,{:name=>"內容簡介",:description=>"Adeepunderstandingofletterformsandknowledgeoftheireffectiveusecanonlybeobtainedwithconstantobservatio
出版社 / Quarto Publishing Group US
ISBN13 / 9781592537402
ISBN10 / 1592537405
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