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商品描述 MAISON:CalvinKlein在Tribeca的公寓、紐約的Mercer飯店,都是出自被CK譽為「天才」的Liaigre之設計。這位法國設計師運用深色木頭的極簡風格,在全世界引起一陣仿傚之風。


各界推薦 Calvin Klein在Tribeca的公寓、紐約的Mercer飯店,都是出自被CK譽為「天才」的Liaigre之設計。這位法國設計師運用深色木頭的極簡風格,在全世界引起一陣仿傚之風。本書作者暨攝影,也是暢銷書Hip Hotel的幕後操手之一,近距離採訪Liaigre,更顯現這位室內設計大師獨有的風格及個人魅力,其近年從未在媒體上曝光的八件作品,亦收錄於本書中。Christian Liaigre's epoch-defining interiors include the Mercer Hotel in New York, offices for Valentino Couture in Paris, and Selfridges department store in London, as well as private residences for Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, and Kenzo.His luxurious dark-wood minimalism and masculine palette of creams, browns, and grays have redefined modernism, supplanting the Scandinavian blond timbers on white that just a few years ago were the sine qua non of the modern interior. Working in close collaboration with Liaigre, Herbert Ypma set out to capture and document eight recent and previously unpublished residential projects. They are incredibly diverse: a modernist retreat on the Galician coast belonging to the family of Spanish fashion designer Adolfo Dominguez; a former artist's atelier in Montparnasse; Rupert Murdoch's capacious SoHo loft; an eighteenth-century Bavarian timber farmhouse owned by the proprietor and designer of Germany's fashion label Strenesse; and Liaigre's own fisherman's cottage retreat on the Ile de Re.The integrity and pervasive calm of Liaigre's spaces reflect an instinctive aversion to the clamor of modern life. His materials are luxuriously authentic—exotic African timbers such as ebony; linen, silk, and wool; marble and natural stone; and his signature bronze hardware. And, as every project demonstrates, he makes deep connections with the tradition of each location, whether it be the industrial heritage of downtown Manhattan or the wild coastal landscape of Corsica. 500 color illustrations


簡介 / MAISON:CalvinKlein在Tribeca的公寓、紐約的Mercer飯店,都是出自被CK譽為「天才」的Liaigre之設計。這位法國設計師運用深色木頭的極簡風格,在全世界引起一陣仿傚之風。
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