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Easy Spanish Step-By-Step

作者 Bregstein, Barbara
出版社 McGraw-Hill Education (Singapore)
商品描述 Easy Spanish Step-By-Step:Aprovengrammar-basedapproachthatgetsyoucommunicatinginSpanishwithconfidence,rightaway:誠品以「人文、藝術、創意、生活」為核心價值,由


內容簡介 A proven grammar-based approach that gets you communicating in Spanish with confidence, right away Easy Spanish Step by Step proves that a solid grounding in grammar basics is the key to mastering a second language. Grammatical rules and concepts are clearly explained in order of importance, and more than 300 verbs and key terms are introduced on the basis of frequency. Numerous exercises and engaging readings help learners quickly build their Spanish speaking and comprehension prowess.


作者介紹 Barbara Bregstein is a translator and Spanish instructor with more than thirty years' experience teaching at colleges in and around New York City.


書名 / Easy Spanish Step-By-Step
作者 / Bregstein, Barbara
簡介 / Easy Spanish Step-By-Step:Aprovengrammar-basedapproachthatgetsyoucommunicatinginSpanishwithconfidence,rightaway:誠品以「人文、藝術、創意、生活」為核心價值,由
出版社 / McGraw-Hill Education (Singapore)
ISBN13 / 9780071463386
ISBN10 / 0071463380
EAN / 9780071463386
誠品26碼 / 2680105908005
頁數 / 320
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裝訂 / P:平裝
語言 / 3:英文
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