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內容簡介 Frank Lloyd Wright first noted the affinity between modern Western architecture and the philosophy of the ancient Chinese writer Laotzu. In this classic work, Amos Ih Tiao Chang expands on that idea, developing the parallel with the aid of architectural drawings and Chinese paintings. Now with a new foreword by David Wang, this book reveals the vitality of intangible, or negative, elements. Chang writes that these qualities make architectonic forms "come alive, become human, naturally harmonize with one another, and enable us to experience them with human sensibility." The Tao of Architecture continues to be essential reading for understanding the intersection between architecture and philosophy.

The Tao of Architecture:,FrankLloydWrightfirstnotedtheaffinitybetweenmodernWesternarchitectureandthephilosophyoftheancientChinesewriterLaotzu.Inthisclassicwor

書名 / The Tao of Architecture
簡介 / The Tao of Architecture:,FrankLloydWrightfirstnotedtheaffinitybetweenmodernWesternarchitectureandthephilosophyoftheancientChinesewriterLaotzu.Inthisclassicwor
作者 / Amos lh Tiao Chang
誠品26碼 / 2681464022005
ISBN13 / 9780691175713
ISBN10 / 0691175713
EAN / 9780691175713
尺寸 / 21.6X14CM
級別 /
語言 / 英文
頁數 / 88
裝訂 / 平裝